03 cobra or 07 GT?

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  1. My dealer he in NC just put out a 03 cobra "Terminator" with only 8,000+ miles. Car looks brand new inside and out with the factory plastic still on the floor. It is red with black leather with red inserts. They are asking $30,000 for this car. Is this a good deal? I think it is. But, I love the new mustang body style, but I love the power of the cobras (these motors are bad!!!):hail2: Which would you choose?
  2. sounds like a 10th anniversary car, drive it for yourself and see hwo you liek it
  3. Hello fellow fire brother. i had the same option and I went with an 06 GT. The terminators are awesome. I bought the GT for the following reasons. Looks alot better, handles better. I can always forged and go FI later if I wish and have similar results. you can't go wrong either way. The price on that 03 seems a little high. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, well I think I am going to stick with the newer stangs as you were saying firestang70. I have always wanted a FI mustang but I prefer the looks of the newer Mustang GTs and I really can't afford to pay what they will be asking for the Shelby Mustangs. Will the 03/04 cobra engines fit in the newer Mustang GT's? Just a thought:shrug:
  5. You can always do a engine swap or just pull and build... I personaly like the 3 valves and the power that they produce. Good luk with the choice those cobras are baaad. I agree with my brother Firestang that the Price is a little high.
  6. A 4v swap will be very expensive. they are realizing the 3v heads flow like no other. Put a forged bottom end and Fox Lake Products are doing great things with the heads, cams are slowly hitting the market. I'm waiting a about 3 years(goodbye warranty) and will hopefully go forged and FI. Good luck.
  7. Cobra......Power, better interior, and handles better with it's IRS. Crazy power for a grand. The new body style is already everywhere, I'd go with the limited edition cars.
  8. Have you driven an S197? They handle better in my opinion than a Cobra. IRS there are already alot of Cobra owner switching the rears to live axle, less wheel hop. Better interior??? To each his own I disagree but, I am biased. Power is a given. I paid 23,647 for my GT on Aplan. For the same 30k my Gt would be faster,handle better. Don't get me wrong Terminator are awesome cars, I would love to own one. For a DD its no comparison for me. Either way you go you win! Both cars are awesome pony cars. Why can't all choices in life be a win/win situation!:SNSign:
  9. Yes, I test drove 2 05's 5 speed when they first came out wasn't really impressed with the GT and it's power (I've posted my test drive on this site if interested). I took it to over 100mph on both since I'm in with the sales person and dealership. A good platform but the wrong motor for me and my Mach's take the clover to the next expressway at 60 about the same as the new body style. When the LE's come out I'm interested but not the CS it's another Bullit IMO. I'm just glad to have the Mach's there's already so many new body GT/V6's on the road you don't give them a second look unless they've added something. Nice entry level mustang just like all the other GT's of the past have been.

    I paid 25k for my 31k 04 Mach1 with only 7500 made. My 03 Mach I paid MSRP since it was early on, if the S197 would have meet the hype I would have purchase yet another Mustang since I brought an 02 GT, 03 Mach, and opted for an late 04 Mach over the new GT and got them both at 3.75% interest and an extra year warranty.
  10. i had this thought the other day.....i went looking for an 03/04 cobra last year, but couldn't find any "decent price and condition" ones around......so I bought my 05 gt....

    well, saw a 04 silver cobra at the dealership on my way home and I got that feeling again......but i thought about it.....everything about this car ford did right.....even down to comfort level sitting in the car and reaching stuff......in my opinion (yes the terminators are freeking amazing, fast, and rare) but this car is finally done right....
  11. I thought the Mach had relatively the same output as the new GTs? At the track I'm running faster than some and slower than some. Thats great you also got deals on your wheels. I just don't think alot of people would agree with you posting in the S197 area. I'm sure if you posted to a 4v group the response would be different. Not that any view is wrong. I love the Machs and are awesome cars. To the unsuspecting public they won't know the difference between that and the same year GT. We can spot the differences a mile a way. My personal response have been people of all ages and both genders compliment the cars styling. It seems to catch alot of attention. Not that is a big deal. I love the styling and much prefer it over the New Edge style. Its just personal opinion. And everything I have read about the S197 is that they have lived up to the hype. Guess I'm just reading different publications? Oh and by the way you picked the hootest color on those. That blue flat out rocks!