03 Cobra or not?

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  1. ok guys i have to ask a question and be completely honest!!!! I only owe 8,000 more on my 03 gt, is it honestly worth the money for the 03 cobra? keep in mind i will have to do an axel swap!!! I found this cobra for 29k$ with only 37 miles on the ticker and it hasnt been off the lot yet!!
  2. I think the small body treatments make them look so much better than gt's. I think they are the best looking mustangs ever and better than the new 05 gt's. Personally I don't like the way they sound stock, but that is easily fixed with a new catback. My bro has an 04 and he loves it. It is a BARGAIN at 29k! Best 29k you'll ever spend :)
  3. go see what they will give you on trade-in first
  4. think about it this way... is an '03 Cobra with 37,000 miles worth $37,000...
    ( $29,000+/- for the cobra + $8,000+/- for the amount still owed on the GT)

    IMHO, NO!

    Now it gets interesting... I see that the odometer is 37 miles, not 37,000..... then

    $37,000 for an '03 Cobra with 37 miles... hmmmm... If it were me, I wouldn't do it..
  6. doesn't matter what the trade in value is....he still owes the bank $8,000 +/-

    they'll tack that amount onto the cost of the Cobra
  7. If you do buy. Make sure you slowly break it in tho. My bros supercharger went out and was only making like 3psi by like 2000 miles. There was a little incident at the dealership when they were washing it I guess the gas pedal was trapped under the carpet and when they started it she went all the way to the rev limiter. He thinks that may have blown it? They replaced it so it is all good.
  8. Well if you trade it in then the money you get from the trade-in just pay off the loan and see how much you'll have as a down payment, and check your monthly payments and if you can afford it why not get it. Just my .2 cents
  9. I personally would not do it. I wish I had kept my GT, the 03 Cobra is ****ING BADASS, but is not worth the extra cost to me IMO, for how little i can actually make use of all the power on the streets.
  10. i would do it just for the seats
  11. Nah thats silly. I broke in my car the way I want to drive it, it runs absolutely PERFECT at 8300 miles, and made 415rwhp on a dyno with a catted h pipe, catback, K&N air filter and thats it for power mods.
  12. are you serious?
  13. absol-friggin-lutely! My brother sells cars in San Antonio, Tejas... believe me, if the dealer is paying off your loan i.e. $8000, they're making up that cost somewhere!
  14. dman its driving me crazy....i have parts sitting in my room for the gt and i dont know what to do with them!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. lol, i know but what im saying is this...

    The thread starter didn't tell us how many miles his car has on it or the condition it is in. I assumed he would be trading in his GT on an 03 cobra. If he goes to trade in the GT and they offer him $15,000. He pays off his loan and then has $7,000 to put as a downpayment, which would make him only have to finance 22,000 + TTL.

    anyways, if you need to only finance approx 20-23k then go for it.

  16. in that respect, then heck yes go for it......I'm always thinking 'worse-case scenario'... meaning, he's upside down on the car...:nice:
  17. i sure as hell hope for all of our sake that an 03 GT is worth more then 8k
  18. If you can afford the 03 <i'm sure most of us can> and the insurance<we can't afford or stupid to pay> totally go for it. Its a really nice car. IMO it is the second best looking mustang ever built. First is the 00R. :)
  19. my car has 11k miles on it...and i would be selling it to my dad