03 Cobra or not?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Modular2v, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. exactly Modular, i dont understand why people say your upside down here or there, i always figured upside down meant you owe more on the car than its worth.........
  2. motley (nice name by the way) that is exactly what upside down means!!!!! YOU MUST OWE MORE ON YOUR CAR THAN IT IS WORTH IN ORDER TO BE UPSIDE DOWN!!!!
  3. You won't get 18k for your car.. No way, no how.. Doesn't matter what KBB says.. You'd be lucky to get 16.. Probably more like 15.. All dealers offer me for my 2003 Mach 1 with 7k miles is 18.5k.. Books at 23k on a dealer trade in..
  4. i already got a trade in quote it was 17,900
  5. Guess it's different in other parts of the country.. Because you can practically get a new GT for 18k in S.Cal..

    And my Mach was quoted at 18k at 3 dealers..
  6. drop in a blower in your gt and be happy with it :)
  7. If you do decide to get the Cobra, sell me some of your stuff. I live in South OKC. PM me.
  8. well the deciding moment is coming tomorrow....i have changed my mind a million times. If i get in the cobra, take it out, get on it and cream my pants ill proably just be driving it home lol. Oh by the way im selling my gt to my Dad if i get the cobra
  9. The problem with this thread is not whether you should do it but first whether this price is good or not. 29k???? They were selling brand new off the lot when the 03's were still sitting there. I wouldn't pay a dollar more than 25k on a used 03 cobra with less than 20k miles. More mileage i would take off more dollars.

  10. ok guys i have to ask a question and be completely honest!!!! I only owe 8,000 more on my 03 gt, is it honestly worth the money for the 03 cobra? keep in mind i will have to do an axel swap!!! I found this cobra for 29k$ with only 37 miles on the ticker and it hasnt been off the lot yet!!

    it's a left over and a new car.
  11. Local dealer in Akron, Ohio called Montrose Ford has a new 03,never titled Cobra for 27k. The sticker says 34k. I damn near went after it but it was a coupe...I'm a ragtop type of guy. It was pretty sweet though. I'm 35,no tix,no accidents,married,blah blah blah and State Farm wanted $1158/year for the snake. I bought an 03 Centennial Edition GT vert yesterday and my insurance for it is $800/year. Not too shabby if I say :nice:
  12. have you made a decision yet?????

    ps- GET THE COBRA!!!!!!!!!!
  13. well i just got back from the test drive and i have to have the car.........there is one in dallas that they are shipping up but i think it has some milage on it ( hopefully that will knock the price down some. I really dont want to more than 430$ a month. The pull on that car is absolutely insane. I cant wait to see what exhaust does to it. It is well worth the money
  14. Congrats!! Let us know when ya have her in hand...and of course we have to see pics! :nice:
  15. YEAH! good choice, good luck with then new snake! :nice:
  16. Congrats and make sure to post the pics :nice:

    Stock they pull great but wait until you start modding :banana:
  17. I wouldn't do it. Why not wait for the 06 cobra?

    I don't know your monetary situation, but what happens if you lose your job or have to work less hours? Are you still going to be able to pay for school and the car and manage to do well enough in class?
  18. I've been thinking about the same thing, trade in my 01'GT for a new Cobra or keep the GT. I've decided to keep the GT. The Cobras are pretty bad ass but there's a pretty big price difference. My car is almost paid off and is worth about $12k on a trade in. Instead of getting a new loan and adding another $20k in debt I decided to drop about $12k into the GT.

    I figure $12k in looks and performance mods would make it faster and probably look alot better than a stock 03' Cobra.
  19. It's supposidly going to be made for 07 now.
  20. When does the Kenne Bell go on? :D