03 Cobra or not?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Modular2v, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. neo urs wouldnt happen to be your daily driver would it?
  2. Yep and it's streetable even in this hot humid florida weather :D
  3. Not true...You can do the kit as is and run the blower with a custom tune for 4500 range at 20+psi. I always wondered why you only put out 17 psi...especially considering you spent all this extra on h/e etc.


  4. You forget you will need a new injectors, maf, plugs, install cost (these blowers are not drop shipped anymore), tune, boost a spark, and guages to keep an eye on things.

    the stock fuel system is only good for around 500hp.

    The stuff above costs around $2700.
  5. Also 20psi on pump gas and a daily driver is just asking for trouble. :nice:
  6. ever since i have got out of the car i have been dying to get back in it...i cant wait
  7. neo if u dont mind my asking how do you have your car financed?
  8. 6 years at 6.9%
  9. hmm...i dont remember which magazine its in but there is a guy that is a friend of a friend that owns a 725+ rwhp cobra. He runs pump gas with no spray. 24 pounds of boost with p&p heads on 94 octane. He's never blown his engine and he's run MANY MANY times. Last i heard he was running high 9's.

    btw, on the rates i got 4.85% and yolu can get lower now if you get a loan from a credit union for up to 7 years.

  10. wow i guess i did good at 5 yrs and 3.9%????
  11. IM SO EXCITED....i feel like a giddy school girl LOL
  12. Haha, this car isn't even reliable stock :rlaugh:

    Anyway, do subframes, shifter, h or xpipe, catback and a CAI. ANd of course some nice tires. I would not swap the solid axle, there are some good IRS beef up pieces coming out now, and it handles and rides so much better its not worth sacrificing it just to go fast at the drag strip IMO.