03 Cobra Problems

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Rogue Cobra, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Ok, my 03 Cobra is going in for service Tuesday. There is something very wrong with it.

    First it started cutting out during agressive driving. It would drop(almost stall) when I was decellerating into a corner. It then started under hard acelleration. Yesterday, I was a block from my house and in died twice at a traffic light. Later, I went to pass a truck on a two lane black top and it happened again.

    Today, I stopped for gas. I was talking with a guy and he asked if I would light them up for him. I was not real thrilled to do this, but I figured a little show would not hurt. As I spun the tires coming out of the station the car kept dropping out and coming back. I felt like it was having a seizure.

    I can acellerate while driving with boost normally. This to me appears to be only happening when the car is not level(ie banking into corner or a$$ down hard acellerating or cornering).

    The car is mechaically stock. I was thinking a short somewhere or the computer is bad. :mad:

    What are your thoughts as to what this could be??? :shrug:

    Rogue Cobra
  2. Sounds like faulty fuel sender/pump
  3. Get your computer reflashed.
  4. Try turning your traction control off and don't coast around a lot with the clutch down... Sounds like he's got the "stall" coupled with his TC kickin' in to me?

  5. lol... that would be too easy...

    Hey Rogue Cobra, do ya see a green dash light come on when the car dies that looks like a turbo? :p
  6. My 03 used to stall too. When I would get on the boost fairly hard then have to hit my brakes it would stall sometimes. When I got my pulley and Diablo chip the problem went away. So, it might be something wrong with your computer......... or your car is mad because it is still stock and it wants a pulley upgrade. :D
  7. That sucks dude. I've got some problems with my 03 Cobra, but it runs great. Take it in the dealership like I'm doing.

  8. Go get the new Stall flash for your ECU
  9. Yes, The traction control light does come on. I have seen it with others come on. Most times it happens so quick I don't get a chance to see what lights are on and I am planning an escape route, i.e. trying to figure out what to do if it does not come back. The drop out while passing the truck was to say the least disconcerning.

    Thanks for all your responses!

    Rogue Cobra
  10. Turn the traction control off and drive the hell out of it to see if it still happens. The first time I hit the traction control I thought I hurt something. The car will lurch violently if you are under hard acceleration.
  11. You guys are awesome. :nice: Sure enough it was the traction control. I turned it off and like silverbullitgt said drive the hell out of it. Man, its a whole nother animal! I put down some rubber. I guess what felt like stalling or cutting out was the trac-lock doing it thing... :bang: :mad: :fuss:

    I don't normally coast around with the clutch in. I am not sure why it died at the light, but I will wait and see if it happens again.

    Rogue Cobra
  12. LOL! Friedchicken thought my suggestion was too easy! The TC sucks on the Cobra, plain & simple. Unless it's raining out turn the TC off as soon as you start the car. Most of us have permanently disabled the TC or have altered the way it defaults to "on" at start up.

  13. Is there a simple way to disable the TC on startup without having to waist $50 on it?? I am in a habit of just turning the key, and reaching for the TC on startup, but it would be nice not having to deal with it... is there a easy wire jumper that can be setup or something like that, that will bypass the TC?? I would like to have the option to turn it on when needed, not have to turn it off every time.... Thanks
  14. Do a search here on the forums. There is a module you can buy that connects to the TC circuit. It will prevent the TC from resetting itself every time you shut the car off. IOW, once you push the TC button and turn it off, it stays off until you push it to turn it back on again, it won't reset itself when the ignition is switched off.

  15. Dang, I was going to mention TC as well, but thought it was too easy of a solution. Oh well, first time TC kicked in for me scared the Hades out of me too! :bang:
  16. What all does the traction control do in these cars? I always thought it was just run through the vehicles ABS system to the rear brakes. In these cars it definately feels like something is going on with the engine output also.
  17. It cuts fuel to the motor and retards the spark I believe. It makes for a VERY rude awakening when it happens.

  18. Since the subject seems to have changed to "TC" .. Here's my experience with it in my 01 cobra...

    I had the joy of experiencing TC in the snow the first year I got my "01 " Cobra.. The TC saved my life on a highway with about 3 inches of snow on it... My car was going sideways but still tracking forward in my lane while a semi was trying to pass me... strangest thing ever.. Other than those type of conditions I would suggest always turn off the TC when driving a snake..

    I never drove another winter with the Cobra after that.. [Got me a beater for that job.!!] I recommend a beater to anyone winter driving in a snake.. :notnice:
  19. why can i not hepl but laugh that the problem was TC....lol!!!
  20. I would laugh, BUT the first time I tried to GET ON IT, I also forgot to turn the traction control off. I did however, realize what it was right away, it is a bad feeling though when it comes on when you dont want it.