03 Cobra Problems

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  1. Good point, I had a similar experience driving through one of our monsoon rainstorms here in Florida. Getting on the interstate at about 70 and tapped the gas a little too hard to get ahead of someone, could feel the rear end coming out but TC kicked on and probably saved my butt big time. I always have it on in the rain, it'll kill ya when its dry though. Try pulling out in front of someone and punchin it because you think you can go, then you get creamed because the tc kills your acceleration. Argh. :shrug:
  2. is this TC only for cobra ?...I think I have one in my GT too...should I expect the same behavior?
  3. TC is available on other Mustangs, however this feature seems particularly sensative with the added power levels.
  4. so whenever I will SC my GT..I should expect a similar behavior as the power will increase ?
  5. It might just be me but I think the TC kicks back off faster than it did in my '01. Still a jolt that's for sure. My wife was calling the '01 whiplash for a while.
  6. TC on an 03' cobra is bad news. yea it does cut cut fuel and spark on the 03 for sure. i dont know if this has happened to anyone but dont forget to turn it off when you get on the dyno, that would suck.lol.
  7. ok, be nice and stop laughing. I admit it was stupid, but this is the first "bought" muscle car. All the ones I have owned over the years have been built up by me. I knew what to expect. I have not taken offense, but I thought a little explanation would help. Yes, I am a newbie to Cobras. I was under the assumption Ford would not poorly design something like that.

    Rogue Cobra
  8. Just think, all the people here laughing with you (at you) have had an experience where they tried to show off and TC was enabled....

    Yes, I was one of those people :)
  9. Yeah.... been there and done that! I was a little embarassed to say the least!

  10. Yup, me too! :D Someday they will create a drug to make us smarter. I can't wait to be a genius! :rlaugh:

    I do appreciate the help! :nice:

    Rogue Cobra