03 cobra runs [email protected] (video w/timeslip)

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  1. Pretty sicko cobra. Picked up this link over at the supra forums.
    Stock heads/intake and bottom end.
    I dont tihnk hes running the IRS anymore haha, thats gotta b solid axle for that kind of launch.

    http://www.strictlypro.com/dyno video/9.47 @ 142.WMV
    im an idiot, here it is.
  2. video?!?!!?! Timeslip?!?!!? where man?
  3. wheres the video??? :shrug:
  4. i do that all the time, post up a thread about a video and then forget the video lol, well i reposted it up above there :)
  5. Pretty cool :nice: I love the way its sounds but me I perfer a more quite sound in my old age to drive around in :)


    Now this 9 sec car is pretty quite untill it takes off but what can you expect from a four banger mustang :shrug: Now some times its got feed and sometiimes just pics :(

  6. :jaw: That....car.....fast. Man, I feel :owned: just from watching that.
  7. No what is sick is that 2.3L mustang running a better time and probably spent less money...
  8. those 03's dont take much moula to get fast, because they already come with the internals you need for high boost and lots o juice :)

    getting a 4banger mustang into the 9's is sick, no doubt, and alot harder to do compared to something with a $10,000 motor.
  9. I wonder what that guy payed for the whole 9's Cobra deal? I would guess 30k for the car alone, But to be fair about it that Four banger probly has 10k in the motor and a total of 16k in the whole car. Now that to be is a big savings :D
  10. but its still a four banger
  11. Would the tranny hold up to that in the Cobra?
  12. me thinks not with that kind of launch i'm suprised the frame held up looks like it goes bend with the wind, i mean gobs of torque but that doesn't rhyme