03 Cobra spoiler or new MRT spoiler

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  1. Does anyone have pictures, or have a link to the new MRT spoiler? Im deciding between the MRT or 03 Cobra spoiler for my gt. If anyone has a used BLACK 03 cobra spoiler then PM me.
  2. Will the MRT spoiler cover my stock spoilers holes?
  3. I think it utilizes the stock holes from the 1999 and 2000 spoilers. The ones that mounted on the outer edges of the trunk lid. It still may cover yours, not sure though.
  4. keep it stock and spend the money on... a nitrous kit or something
  5. I would get the steeda fuctional wing :nice: I just like that thing but that is my opinion. Get what you like.
  6. Wings

    Another vote for Steeda fully fuctional wing :nice: it will look great
    on your 03 GT and be fuctional unlike the MRT or 03 Cobra spoiler.
  7. Unless your racing your car on a track all the time then functional doesn't mean much. Some people are going for a look. From what I've seen I like the look of the mrt spoiler...
  8. I think the steeda wing looks better, but its your car, so go for what ever you like!
  9. I like the subtle looks of the 03-04 Cobra spoiler, but that's just me.
  10. I if had to choose one out of those 2.. it would be 03 cobra.. but if I can choose any.. it would be saleen :nice:
  11. The Cobra wings is very subtle and more run of the mill than the MRT wing. Because of that, I definitely vote for the MRT wing if choosing between the two. Between all wings, I have recently become a Saleen S351 believer.
  12. Anyone have pictures of the s351 spoiler on their car? Thanks for your opinions, as of right now I think Im going to go with the 03 cobra spoiler. Im not really looking for a functional wing because I really dont race that often. Theres just something that I like about the Cobra spoiler that Im not getting from my stock one.
  13. Also whats the best way to cover the stock holes if I go with the Cobra spoiler. I tried the plastic push screws, but they dont look clean. I need something that people wont really notice. Anyone got any ideas?
  14. Not my car:
  15. The MRT spoiler is out nowa!!!!