'03 cobra supercharger vs. kenne bell twinscrew

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  1. The KB is significantly louder and much higher pitched.
  2. No, they are two different blowers. The Cobra is the Eaton M112, a roots-type blower. The KB is a twin-screw. Both can handle good amounts of power, but the KB is FAR more effiecient at doing and could power hit higher boost levels as well.

    The M112 is mostly for low end power and good mid-range with a weaker top end because it turns into a hair dryer up top. The KB is mostly mid and top-end. Either are great choice for the street, but I would personally go with the KB if it was up to me.
  3. Do you know if that cobra had any mods?
    The blower sounds factory but its hard to tell. :shrug:
    The way that 5.0 left him wasn’t even funny.
  4. i dont know if it was stock or not. i would want the same sound, so is the kb similar in sound but just louder and high pitched?
  5. I would say that was the EATON blower. I have been in a Kenne Belle car and it sounded different. A little louder and screamed alot more. The 5.0 stomped him bad. The cobra had no chance.
  6. here is some more action, '03 cobra v. a turbo supra. when ever the supra shifts in this video, thats the waste gate right?

    and here is a 351w fox v. a turbo supra
    https://webspace.utexas.edu/donaldwt/Videos/T51R Supra vs 351 Mustang.mpeg

    and i just saw this video, '03 cobra with kb "blowzilla". would it sound the same with a GT version of it even though its not called "blowzilla". sorry for all the stupid questions, but that is exactly the sound i'm looking for
  7. The last one with just the cobra sounds like a Blowzilla. Those 2 stangs got stomped. The cobra really got spanked.OUCH
  8. yeah i can't believe my eyes it must be fake!
  9. That’s what I was thinking! :owned:

    The cobra is most likely stock. I have the smaller 2.8 pulley on mine and you can hear the whistle sound from it spinning faster.

    That Supra was pushing some 700hp no match for 360hp to the wheels or even 460 with boltons, but look at it this way the cobra will be running five years from now and the Supra will be on his 12th motor. The Cobra is smog legal also unlike the Supra.