03' Cobra..the PERFECT car.

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  1. I went to the dealer today to buy an Oil Filter where I saw this really nice 03' Cobra. It was Silver, it was lowered and it had a catback. Not sure exactly which kind though, but WOW, the car was just gorgeous. It was such a beautiful car, the guy parked it and I couldn't get my eyes off it. The tailpipes that were visible from the rear, to the fat rear bumper to the wide wheels. WOW..it looks AWESOME and it's hella fast. Props to the 03' Cobras..and a thumbup to any 03' Cobra owners! :flag:
  2. Thanks for the compliment you sent out to all the 03 Cobra owners. I've had mine about a year and three months now and love it. Why don't you join all of us and get one, we'd be glad to have you aboard.

  3. i've only had my 03 cobra for about two weeks and i love it more everyday :nice:...Oh ya any advise on a nice sounding and power providing catback?
  4. Hey, nice choice on the color. I heard that the Borla Stinger catback is really good. I think I'll be getting one in the Spring.
  5. yeah, its a wonderful car. until you buy one that is. this car is by far the biggest piece of crap i have ever bought. i regret not buying the g35 coupe more and more every day. yes, it might be faster, but that doesnt even come close to making up for all of the problems and the poor build quality of this car. if you want one of these ford disasters, ill sell you mine. i have never seen a new car that had to be back to the dealer 5 times in the first 3 months of owning it. wait, i was wrong, the 2000 focus has more recalls than any car in automotive history. and of course, that is made by ford as well. :nonono:
  6. Borla Stinger, Bassani & Magnaflow seem to be the most popular and best sounding choices.
  7. Not one thing has gone wrong with mine, it's got close to 13,000 miles and has been to the track 4 times so far. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.
  8. Thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately there are more unhappy owners than
    Green 94 5.0. Im a very happy owner so far and don't regret buying this car ever. I wouldn't tell anyone not to buy this car but there are definitely some things that people need to know up front. Hopefully Ford will get there heads out of their butts soon because they are definitely losing customers.
  9. dont get me wrong, if the car didnt have problems, i would love it. you guys that havent had any problems, i wish i was in the same boat as you. my car needed a new throwout bearing at 600 miles. that was the start of the nightmare i have had with the car. it has been back to the dealership multiple times since then. the car is bone stock, has never been launched, has never done a burnout, has never been to the track. im basically saying that the car has never been abused. the worst it has been through is some 3rd and 4th gear pulls on the highway. i know it is still a mustang, but this is not something that i expected from a brand new car that cost $35,000. the part that burns my ass more than anything is that ford knew about all of these issues and continued to let cars with the stall, vibe, and tick get into the hands of consumers throughout the 2003 model run. :nonono:
  10. Ill say Borla Stinger if you want loud, Magnaflow if you want good sounding but not 'quite' so loud.
  11. You know not everyone has the same problems you do, if its having so many problems why didnt you just lemon law it, or try to get ford to buyback and give you a new one? I know if I got one of the bad 03's I would not let ford get away with it.

    I love the Cobra, but Ford is a ****ty company and they dont deserve to **** over buyers like this.

    I bet they have tried to claim your problems were on abuse too, I heard of a guy on SVTP having his warranty voided because he didnt have enough tread on his tires!
  12. well, i know a tech at a local dealership and all of my problems have been taken care of without any hassle. if the car is on its second throwout bearing with 4300 miles on the odometer, and low and behold, its squealing again. i will be on my third t/o bearing next week. if i have any issues after that, im going to start the lemon process. this will be the last ford i will ever own (aside from my 94 gt).
  13. Im on my 2nd complete clutch assembly. Judging from the way it smelled last time I banged some gears, I will need another soon. Spec 3i should be here soon!
  14. the problem with that is that the new clutch may be able to hold it, but you can kiss your drivetrain warranty goodbye.
  15. Yeah, I love the Cobra's too, but I couldn't talk myself into paying another 15,000 dollars more than I paid for my GT to get a Cobra. But they are sweet looking though!!!
  16. I would def. loved to have an 03 Cobra..but I just got my 03' GT. Since I pay for the payments I wouldn't be able to afford the 03' Cobra's payments since im only 19. But hey, it's a build up process. My next car will be a Cobra. :)
  17. hopefully a lot of the rumors i have heard recently about the 05- mustangs arent true. (more weight, 2pc driveshaft, unchipable eec, etc.)
  18. Ive had my 03 about a week and had one warranty issue the was fixed with no prob. EXCEPT when I picked up my car it was down a quarter tank of gas and had 20+ miles on it!? WTF!!!! And my radio station was changed, some ass was cruising around in my car!!!!! Any 03 owners know that to use that much gas you have to pound on it. The manager was gone so I couldn't do anything about it. Needless to say I will never bring my car there again.
  19. There are no more problems with the 03 than any previous year Cobra. Sure some have had problems. Probably no more than average. I have had the TOB problem. My only criticizm to Ford would be that this is an outsourced part and someone didn't get the correctly engineered bearing. Ford doesn't make bearings. The warranty problems with the company I work for is about 70 percent supplier problems. Not craftmanship, design or quality related to the parts we build. I work in an automotive field. Our biggest competitor is Toyota. It pisses me off when some of our employees buy import cars especially Toyotas. What is really ironic is the ones that beat up our company the most and other US owned manufacturers drive imports and these are the sorriest, laziest employees we have. I wouldn't drive a friggin import like a G35 for example if they were selling them for $2k. I'll drive vehicles from US owned companies to support our workers. And before you throw out, "well Toyotas are made in the US", I'll counter with a report I saw the other day how the money is going back to foreign countries with no investment in the US. Sure they're providing an "average" income for Americans, but that's all. Big deal. It's a fact none of the big ***(I guess it's not acceptable to use the word *** so I meant Japanese) companies donated nothing to the 9/11 tradgedy while US automakers made donations in the millions. My company is limited to the amount of product we sell in Asia as well as the number of factories we can build in Asia while Toyota is allowed unlimited volume of sales in the US. They built a plant in TN and can dump all their cheap ass product all over the US because they are providing a few Americans with jobs that are not well paying. I'd drive a Ford if the wheels fell off it after I left the sales lot.

    Frig foreign companies and the people who buy their products. Buy US made products from US owned companies and support Americans.
  20. yes, damn the automakers that make quality products. if ford wants me to buy another american product, they better get their act together. it amazes me how all these japanese automakers have been in business for a little better than 30 years and they have mastered the art of building a quality automobile, yet the jackasses over at ford have been building cars for more than 100 years and still cant get it right. as far as your comment about buying an american car even if the wheels fall of right off the lot, be my guest. that just proves how much of an ass you are. it is because of people with an attitude like yours, that allows companies like ford to build a mediocre automobile and get away with it year after year. you go ahead and keep buying fords and supporting a company with an unreliable product and i will enjoy the fact that with my next car, i wont have to make trips to the dealership for anything but oil changes. im through with ford and my monthly warranty trips. i love the performance the car has, but the fact that ford built it completely ruins everything.