03' Cobra..the PERFECT car.

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  1. Green 94 5.0--I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about Ford and Mr. "Tough Guy" American Yellow Horse-->you idiot--your employees buy Toyota because they want quality and reliability, not some unreliable bucket of bolts.

    People who buy "American" to support the country are a dying breed, it just doesn't make sense to do it anymore. Maybe once they've mostly died off, Ford will realize they HAVE to build quality because nobody's buying their junk anymore.
  2. Coming from a guy that posted a few weeks ago that all 03 owners were ass holes :rolleyes:.

    Gunsfan, where did I come off as a tough guy until now. You guys can talk the talk hiding behind a key board. You are the idiot. Keep buying imports and foreign products.

    I think you have a bad attitude and you reaffirm that by calling me names. The problem is a lot of people would **** if you hung them with a new rope. There is one guy on another board that is on his second 03 after having the first one lemoned. He had two sets of tires put on the first one, a new transmission, and a new engine. Then when he got his second it was one thing after another and had several itmes addressed on it. The dealer told him not to come back. I don't blame them. He has posted post after post about racing and how he beats the **** out of the car. He was ****ing the other day about not getting 6k miles out of a set of tires. Good grief. Now he's trying to get it lemoned. I have a friend that is the same way.

    There are recalls on imports all the time. MT just released the top 20 selling vehicles and I think only four imports made the list. There sure are a **** load of people buying US autos. Ford had 4-5 in the top ten.

    My suggestion to you is to put it up for sale and buy an import if that'll make you happy.

    Mine has had a TOB in it. It has 30k miles on it. It has worn out two sets of MT ET Streets and is on a third set. I beat the mortal piss out of it and popped a HS the other night that I replaced myself at my expense unlike other ass holes that expect Ford to pay for a broken HS :rlaugh:. It's making 500 rwhp SAE and it runs like a Rolex. Best car by far I've owned including a new vette that I made a mistake and bought a few years ago.
  3. first off, dont go assuming anything. my cobra is bone stock and has 4400 miles on it now. ive had it since mid august. it has been back to ford on more than one occasion for absolutely everything under the sun short of the tick and the stall (the only 2 problems the piece of junk doesnt have). i have never launched the car, never done a burnout, never gone to the track, and the only abuse the car sees is the occasional highway sprint through third and fourth gear. the car is my daily driver and willr emain that way. i have a heavily modified 94 gt that i beat the piss out of. i agree with the "pay to play" saying 100% and i completely disagree with the person that abuses the **** out of the car and expects the manufacturer to foot the bill when it breaks because he modified it to 500whp. i dont fall into that category. my throwout bearing was squealing like a pig at 600 miles. my car vibrated at 75mph+ from DAY 1. i bet the g35 coupe doesnt have build problems like that. wait a sec, didnt the g35 make car of the year for 2003? what a piece of crap. :rolleyes:
  4. This is a site for Ford and SVT fans. Don't expect a warm fuzzy reception when you start flying off at Ford. The better place to do that along with Gunsfan is www.blueovalnews.com where they love to sit back and whine. Hell, Robert Lane would love to have you since he is the biggest Ford basher in America.

    US automakers quality is just as good as Yapan. Most Americans must agree. This was in last months MT of the top 20 vehicles sold in the US 1/03 to 8/03.

    Ford F-Series
    Chevrolet Silverado
    Dodge Ram
    Toyota Camary
    Honda Accord
    Ford Explorer
    Toyota Corolla
    Ford Taurus
    Honda Civic
    Chevy Impala
    Chevy Trailblazer
    Chevy Cavalier
    Dodge Caravan
    Ford Escort
    Ford Ranger
    Nissan Altima
    Chevy Tahoe
    GMC Sierra
    Jeep Cherokee
    Ford Expedition

    There are only six imports in the top 20. Ford has six by themselves. And Ford will only get stronger with the new F150 and the SN97 due out next year. Bottom line is US automakers are kicking the **** out of Yapan in spite of unfair trade agreements and practises.

    People who buy American are a dying breed? Check the list above ace. It doesn't back that up. You think I'm a tough guy. With your attitude why don't you walk up to a United Autoworkers meeting or a picket line and shoot your big mouth off and see what happens. When you start friggin with people's lives and standard of living they will kick the **** out of you. Same with me. But, what can you expect from someone from a state that elects a cowardly manslaughterer like Ted Kennedy every six years and two phags to congress like Barney "The phag"
    Franks and Daniel "I sux dix" Stubbs every two years although "I sux dix" retired. Must be the water up there. Barney Phag got reprimanded for his phag lover that he met through the want ads turning his tax payer paid apartment into a gay bordello. And MA residents keep sending him back to DC :rlaugh:.

    As far as this ******* and his buddies here buying Toyota because it's better quality, a Tundra is not a good a truck as an F-Series. People that buy trucks to use in their jobs buy Fords or Chevy's. Not Toyotas. The jerk just bought a Sequoia for his wife. I think it's a Sequoia. It's a toyota anyway. The hillarious thing is my plant is being shutdown next April because of *******s like Mr. Toyo. Here's a guy that has the least repsect in our plant. The main reason we are being shutdown and the work transferred to other plants is conversion costs. Since I doubt you've ever worked in a manufacturing plant especially one that employs 15,000 people and over 500 like at the plant I work, I'll enlighten you. Conversion cost is the cost per hour for every hour of production produced. For the last 3-4 years ours has been over double the budget and many times over triple. That my friends is plant closing numbers. How does conversion cost get so high. People not doing their jobs like Mr. Toyo. Here's a guy that worked enough man hours at the end of June to make a full year on a straight 40 hours per week. There are 2080 hours in a year on a straight 40/week. When you figure in his overtime at 1.5 hours per hour worked he had over 2080 hours by the end of June. Several of his buddies did the same thing. These guys more than doubled their salaries every year. What do they have in common. All are know for low production, dishonesty and out to ***** the compnay up the ass as much as possible. And now I'm out of a job. You want me to be sympathetic to jerks that put people out of a job. Especially jerks that buy toyos and **** when Home Depot, Coke or Walmart buys from our competitor. That is being two-faced at it's finest. It really doesn't bother me anyway. As a degreed engineer there are jobs by the dozen out there waiting on me. It doesn't bother me one bit. I was ready to leave anyway. A lot of people are losing good paying jobs and will take anywhere from a 50-60% cut in pay in this area.

    Just keep supporting foreign companies. I know more about trade and manufacturing than you'll ever know. With the introdution of manufacturing processes, design and the use of computer systems, we pulled ahead of yapan in manufacturing in the US through the 80's and 90's. We are slipping again and this time we'll be lucky to catch up. When the European Union gets it's act together, the US is going to get it up the ass. The French and Germans are looking to burry us. I have already seen the trend. We'll allow them to dump unlimited product on our shores while ours is restricted and more and more stupid punks will be running down and sucking it up. The result, 70 percent of the jobs in the US in the near future will be service oriented jobs paying a buck over minimum. Luckily I have positioned myself to start my own business in two years where I will have control of my life, my future and my earning potential. When you end up working at Wendys or maybe pushing a service cart at the local HoJo or customer service for DTV, remember what lead to all that :bang: :rlaugh:.

    Buy American and support America and companies that invest in America.


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  5. I got a late run 03 Cobra and the car is excellent. I guess it paid foff to wait until the last run. I love the Anniversary version and it seems to have fixed what some others have problems with.
  6. Sounds like your probably riding the clutch :shrug:
  7. nope. throwout bearings going south is a common problem on the cobra. it has nothing at all to do with my driving habits.
  8. you seriously need anger management buddy. talking about beating someones ass because they dont like the crap that american automakers are rolling off the assembly line is absolutely ridiculous. as for your comment comparing the tundra to the f150, i will agree with you. ford trucks are on a totally different level, and ford actually has gotten that right. in closing, i just love your prediction of me working at wendy's because i wont buy an american car again. just to let you know, i make $22 an hour in a tech oriented job where i basically get paid to sit on my ass and surf the web all day. aside from making $16.35 an hour over minimum wage, i also work about 65 hours a week with full benefits. you can take your generalized prediction and shove it where the sun doesnt shine. go take a xanax and freaking chill out.
  9. I think the '03 Cobra is also the perfect car... but I have to wait until the '06 Cobra to get a new car :(. If only I could afford an '03 Cobra right now:nonon:. I would br driving one lol.

    Anyway as for the '06 Cobra, it just means ford has to out do the '03 Cobra... so it will be beyond perfection :nice:
  10. On my old 94 Green 5.0 GT, I had a problem with TOB and clutch replacement squeeling alot at idle. If I just barely pressed the clutch, the sound would go away. Ended up making tech install 3 freakin clutches and TOB's and still he couldn't get it to stop the squeeking at stop lights at idle. Just lived with it and finally it quit on it's own about a year later. Not saying that is what is happening with you Green 5.0. Just saying I know about some of Ford's weirdness when it comes to their mustangs. If my new 03 had frustrated me that much I would be mad and ready to buy an import as well. Just depends on your own experiences that will influence you the most. I'm with the guy promoting American, but again I haven't had what has happened to you. Both arguments are understandable.
  11. like i said before though, i would much rather support american companies, but im not about to settle for a second rate product when there is something better out there for the same amount of money. yellow horse just cant seem to comprehend that and thinks im a traitor to my country.
  12. I am assuming you are one of the dirt-bag shop rats at Ford? You know the ones that line up like a sprinter at 3:30 when the whistle blows to run to your car and go home to your ugly wife and retarded kid. In any event, keep buying your garbage and your Fords "even if the wheels fell off at the dealer"---you stupid dikface--that's how stupid you and alot of American's are. They'll keep going back buying junk just because it's "American". The smart ones hop in a 4runner or Pathfinder to find 100,000 miles of trouble free driving.

    I like my Cobra, but not because its a Ford...its fast, sounds great and looks nice, that's it.
  13. i couldnt have said it any better myself gunsfan.....
  15. Hey Yellow,

    check this out. No one is saying that the US doesn't own the Truck world, they do. The Japanese have only recently started to try to break into the truck world, give them time. But let's talk about CARS!

    Ford F-Series TRUCK
    Chevrolet Silverado TRUCK
    Dodge Ram TRUCK
    Toyota Camary CAR Japanese
    Honda Accord CAR Japanese
    Ford Explorer TRUCK
    Toyota Corolla CAR Japanese
    Ford Taurus CAR USA
    Honda Civic CAR Japanese
    Chevy Impala CAR USA
    Chevy Trailblazer TRUCK
    Chevy Cavalier CAR USA
    Dodge Caravan TRUCK
    Ford Escort CAR USA
    Ford Ranger TRUCK
    Nissan Altima CAR Japanese
    Chevy Tahoe TRUCK
    GMC Sierra TRUCK
    Jeep Cherokee TRUCK
    Ford Expedition TRUCK

    In the top 10 vehicles ford has one car, chevy has one. The Japanese have 4.

    Now if one wants to look at the fine quality of these cars let's consider which US cars are (top 20) best selling... Escort, Cavalier, Taurus, impala. Not exactly cream of the crop. These cars sell because they are cheap. If you go further and check resale on these cars verses their Japanese rivals, the US cars really look bad. Don't even bother checking Consumer Reports to see what kind of reliability these things have, the US looks terrible.

    The guys on this board want to own fords, and mustangs in specific. That is why they buy them. Ford has let them down. further it is a truth that people who would buy fords even if the wheels fall off them are the problem. This type of resolve doesn't motivate ford to solve their quality issues. If people quit buying second quality cars, ford would build better cars!

    Recently Cadillac has started making some interesting cars including the up coming cts-v. Z06 motor in a sharp 4 door car that handles with the big boys from germany. Cadillac has done this because the realize the same old stuff isn't going to get it for much longer.

    As per the tough guy thing, when you start saying FRIG PEOPLE WHO BUY JAPANESE CARS. You are most assuredly coming off as a tough guy. You are saying Frig Me and many others on this board. Are we suppose to react kindly to this????? And yes internet people are safe behind their key boards. You are too. Probably works out best. As some folks on the board might be perfectly equiped to handle the incredible danger of talking with you in person. Further if in person would escalate into a physical encounter, almost certainly at some points lawyers would become involved, and that is seldom a good thing.

    By the way I drive a mustang. It's in the shop today and I'm ok with that, part of the price of performance. My wife drives an Acura, because I don't like the idea of her getting stuck on the side of the road with my son. We are considering getting her a new sport utility. We are leaning towards MDS or Honda Pilot. Likely this spring we will get a new one. I guess it's FRIG ME ALL OVER AGAIN!
  16. GREEN 94 5.0
    How about selling the damn car and calling it a day? I live in N. Miami Beach and people trip out every time I bring it out. Go to Towers and put a For Sale sign on it. But please dont say the 03's are pieces of ****!

    end of story
  18. trust me. if i could sell it without going upside down by a few grand, i would. obviously you havent had any problems with yours. let me tell you, you are lucky. if you were in my shoes, you would have the same opinion. do you have anything done to it?
  19. I had that same problem when i was getting my tints installed. Talk about infuriating a customer!!! :mad: But hey, people love what they cant have. I would take an 03 anyday! :flag:
  20. I write down my miles if I'm dropping the car off at a dealership. If I catch anyone crusing around in my car after it went in for an oil changes, Im gonna be pretty pissed :nonono:.