03 cobra Upgrade pullie?

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  1. I just purchased my 2003 cobra. Its black 1800 miles. I want to do a pullie change, Where can i find smaller pullies at a good price? Also do I need to change the belt? How much Hp would it give me? Thanks, Jon
  2. call Rick at Amazon Racing. He hooked me up with everything!

  3. There's more to it than just slapping on a smaller pulley! Depending on the size of the pulley you may need a custom tune to keep your A/F where it needs to be. This can be done a couple of different ways; chip, MAFterburner, or Predator. Depending on the size of the pulley you install and whether you get some idler pulleys too will determine if you need a new belt. I suggest you do what COBRyan stated and give AR or one of the other '03 Cobra performance shops a call.

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    I use Crazyhorse Racing in SOuth Amboy, NJ.

    (BUT i WOULD RECOMMEND going to a local reputable shop with your car to get it tuned. I dont believe in mail order chips, because Ford quality isnt great and every car runs different.)

    He uses JDMS INterchangable PUlley kit. Chris WInter put the 2.80 on my car and a superchip. No idler and I have no noticable belt slip and I race my car alot...thats all I really do with my car and no problems.

    If you run a 2.80 you will definetely need a smaller belt and a chip or you will run very lean.

    I gained 6 lbs boost with the 2.80 and tune.

    Car runs 12.0 in the 90 degree heat of summer without much cool down or ice and high 11.7 now that its cooler out. I was trying for 12.0 so I wouldnt need a roll bar at the track.

  5. What size is a lighting pullie? Do you think I would need a chip or a tune with it? How much more boost does it produce?
  6. The Lightning pulley is 2.93, our Cobra's stock pulley is 3.65. Yes you will need some type of tune to fix the lean condition this pulley will create. As for additional boost you'll see around 12-13lbs peak with a 2.93.

  7. 2.93

    From what I have heard.....

    you dont need a different belt with the 2.93

    I know someone who had a 2.93 with no tune. im not sure if he raced his car without a tune, but he drove it that way for a while with no problems. The mechanic I use said you could get away with no tune and a 2.93, but he wouldnt recommend it.

    IMOP Use a chip if you are going to use a different pulley. You can put it back to stock if you had too and as long as you go to the right dealer, yo wont have a problem if warrenty work is needed. I would still wait a while if you dont have many miles on your car...just to make sure you dont give Ford an excuse for something hey did wrong on your car in the first place.

    I waited until 2000 miles before my mods, only problems I had prior to 2000 miles was alignment (neeeded camber plates redrilled) leaking foglights and a burnt up clutch.

    Since 2000 I get a loud popping sound from the rear when ever I first take off.
  8. Do a 2.8 upper pulley with a superchips custom tune.
    Trust me trust me trust me on this!
    Screw the lower pulley! (unless you it AND the upper =o)

    A local 03 Cobra ran 11.94@120 with a 2.8 upper, air filter, exhaust, throttle body and custom superchips chip.
    That's with a stock lower pulley and STOCK tires!
    Nittos yielded a 11.79@120

    Another pulled a 12.10 in it's 1st run TOTALLY stock with only a 2.8" upper and a SC custom tune. Stock exhaust. Stock everything....

    DO NOT use the pulley without the custom tune. Period.

  9. I got the 2.80 kit from RPMoutlet.com It was perfect! No Detonation and the power is incredible! You can get on it in second gear at 45mph and the rear just kicks out! I found they had the best prices.

  10. Did you get a chip and a new belt also?
  11. I got the option B with the 6+psi blower pulley, Auxiliary idler (helps wrap the belt over 88% of the pulley) a must, Gatorback belt, and Diablo flip chip. I haven’t been able to dyno it yet, they have a month long wait around here, but the power is crazy. :nice:

    I have a friend that professionally races sport bikes, and from 40mph on I can actually beat him to 150 on all but one of his bikes! :flag:
  12. Wow thats insane, I want the 2.93 pullie... anyone know someone or somewhere, where I can get a used pullie that size, I will buy everything else brand new, just wanted to save some money on the pullie itself

  13. You might can ckeckout f150online.com and see if anyone is selling a stock lightning pulley , they are a 2.93 . Or you can get a new one from rpmoutlet.com , amazonacing.com or many other sites . I just ordered a 2.90 RR pulley for my Cobra but I wrecked it and don't know if it will be totaled out yet or not .
  14. The pulley itself is pretty cheap (less than $90) as long as you don't go getting those interchangeable hub setups. It's the darn pulley PULLER that is expensive! You need to find someone who has the tool already!
  15. :nice: Try www.sfph@southfloridapulleyhq.com . They can hook you up with everything you want and help you with a shop for the tune.They are located in Ft. Pearce and are a respected supplier for 03 Cobra parts.
  16. I would go with the 2.93 or 2.90, either one will give you a good bump in power. Anything smaller will make a little more power but it really overspins the eaton and isn't worth it IMO. You will need a smaller belt, 74 5/8" if you don't use an idler pulley, 75 1/8" if you use the 100mm idler pulley. You forked out the cash for the car, fork out the cash for a tune by a reputable tuner. If you don't have a tuner near by atleast do the predator until you can get to a tuner.

    Good Luck!
  17. Very happy with my Pulley Boys setup, good prices, good service, and a very nice puller tool. www.pulleyboys.com

    Whatever you end up with, get the A/F ration checked. Check the last run in my signature, I'm a little lean and am going to have to go chip or predator route.
  18. I just emailed www.southfloridapulleyhq.com, and they told me to change my spark plugs to NKG TR6 gapped .040, plus a 170 thermostat. ANyone else changed their plugs and thermostat? PM me if you have a pullie puller that you wouldnt mind selling or letting me borrow. I would be more then happy to send out a down payment for the puller.. Thanks Jon
  19. Yes on the plugs, I have ngk tr6's gapped at .35. Once you pulley these cars spark blowout tends to be an issue that is corrected with the colder plugs. As far as the thermostat, I never heard that one before. I wouldn't get one, you don't need it.
  20. I'm not a big fan for the TR-6. It's actually too hot of a plug for our cars. I ran TR-6's for about 4000 miles and had nothing but problems with them. Rough idle, hesitation, surging. When the plugs were removed they looked bad, lots of heat damage so I went back to the stock plugs. On the other hand many people swear by them. If you are dead set on going with an aftermarket plug, I suggest the Denso's. They're expensive but well worth it from what I hear. Otherwise, the stock plugs will work just fine if you shorten the gap on them. That's what prevents the spark blowout at high RPM and high boost, the gap is too big and the flame front gets blown out. As for the thermostat...You may not need a cooler thermostat up in PA, but 01 Mustang Man lives in Florida. You can swap it out for a colder one, but you'll have to make sure your tune/chip is also adjusted to turn the cooling fans on at a lower temperature. What good is it to have the thermostat open at say 170 but the fans don't kick in until 190?