'03 Cobra vs '07 GT500 (videos)

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  1. Saw this last week. I will hold my tongue until I see some other responses in here. :p
  2. Maybe the new Boss will be the ultimate Mustang ever built...these Shelbys are for 60+ yo's that want all the luxury with a bit of pickup.

    Just buy a Cadillac CTS-V if you want the "sporty" feel lol
  3. Hmmm, white 03 Cobra. That's not you is it UM?
  4. Nope... not my white termie. :D

  5. lol i know what tim is going to say already! :D
  6. wow...I am putting my money on the gomer not being able to drive.

    420 vs 470....3600 vs 3900....about like 420 vs 440. The Shelby still should have hung.
  7. man the Terminator looks tiny next to that big brick:eek:
  8. Yeah... you can definitely see where that extra lard in the ass of the Shelby comes from!


    I think we should all trade in our 03/04 Cobra's for one. I mean they are so cheap and all... :D

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  9. holy [email protected] are you kidding me....I would be embarrased to work there and wait on a customer interested in the car.... " yes sir that is the asking price it is not a typo ":jaw: atleast destination and delivery is included:notnice:
  10. WOW!!!! :eek: That's unreal, the mark up is more than the MSRP!!!:( I can't believe the dealer had the odasity to not only mark it up that much but also to put it on the window sticker. As much as I like that car I'd never pay that much for it even if I could burn money in my fireplace.:nono:
  11. I could buy a new Z06 and a GT Mustang and probably still have money to spare for mods on each for that price. :eek
  12. Or you could buy a Mustang GT, put an GT500 body kit on it, upgrade the bottom end of the engine, put a big 2.2L KB blower on it and have more power than the GT500 and be a lot lighter and faster, and still have about $60k left over...
  13. id rather take the GT, slap the Cervenis C500 kit that makes the 05's look like a GT500E "Eleanor" clones, than a 5.4L forged shortblock, worked 4v heads/cams, and custom build a twin turbo kit utilizing two GT35R's, a worked 6spd mated to a built to hell and back rear end. and yeah, laugh at anything streetable on gods green earth. oh "and a sound system so powerful it rips womens clothing off", you know, for ****s and giggles.

  14. Too bad the GT is also overweight... They sure do look good.
  15. Yeah, I'm calling :bs: on this, too. Either that or the drive by wire technology.
  16. im not calling bs! Ive seen it
  17. Thomas I'm with you on that one!! But I also want to see them take this to the Autobahn and really test it. not shot a commercial. Lets see what it will really do against the vette,bmw, porsche and mercedes.
    Before someone starts screaming cost differance. I'm going for HP and performance..
  18. You know the dealer is sticking it to you, look closer after optional: :p


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