03 cobra vs z06

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  1. Which is faster in the 1/4 mile? (Cobra has 3.73 or 4.10 )
  2. With equal drivers, and bone-stock - Im giving it to the Z06

  3. If both vehicles are completely stock and the drivers are equal.... Z06 wins everytime. Add 3.73 or 4.10's to the Cobra, then it would be a toss up.

  4. even with stock gears, putting a good CAI and exhaust on the Cobra would give the vette a good run. There's a million threads on numerous boards about this matchup and I imagine there will be millions more
  5. stock to stock= zo6
  6. It amazes me how many on LS1.com and some on Z06vette.com keep saying that most Mustang owners say an 03 Cobra is faster than a Z06 stock for stock. Funny, I read most Mustang boards and I don't think I've read 2-3 posts from someone that thinks an 03 is faster. I think some bring this up as an excuse to bash an 03. The problem is that it is too close for comfort and with a little money in mods it will kick it's ass.
  7. and insurance is way cheaper too :)
  8. The first models of the Z06 are slower stock than the 03 Cobra stock. Only the 02+ are faster, but with 2k in mods the 03 Cobra will wipe the floor with a Z06. :nice:
  9. oh brother

    I havent been beaten by a z06 when i was stock or modded. well except for the one that redlighted with a .275 light (on a .500 tree) trying to beat me.

    Maybe the car is capable but the drivers arent?

    Only z06 I have ever seen run 11s at the track was modded. Cant remember what he had though.

    I am speaking purely from my own personal TRACK EXPERIENCE not dynos or magazine articles...

    If you are going to go by magazines...you have to remember that Ford seriously underrated the cobra. Mine was 389 hp stock exceot for air filter on the dyno.
  10. All you need it a 2.8-2.93 pullie and chip which is about $500, and a z06 wont touch you
  11. it takes an 03 cobra about 70 more rwhp to duplicate Z06 numbers. 500lbs heavier, worse tranny gearing, and worse weight distribution.

    bonestock for bonestock, identical conditions, identical driver ability, Z06 is about .5 et and 5mph more trap

    (+02 Z06)
  12. lol, this fight/battle will never end. 281cu to 350ci, 8psi to N/A, blah, blah, blah :)
  13. I’ve got 70 more than stock and I have beaten all Z06’s on street tires.
  14. Stock LS1 = 13.0-13.4 1/4 mi
    Stock C5 = 12.8-13.2 1/4 mi
    Stock ZO6 = 12.3-12.7 1/4 mi
    Stock 03 Cobra = 12.8-13.2 1/4 mi

    Bout' Right???

    A better question is this.....

    Stock 2005 Cobra = (mid 12's ??)
    Stock 2005 Mustang GT = (low 13's ??)
    Stock 2005 C5 = (mid 12's ??)
    Stock 2005 ZO6 = ( I hate to say this but I think the 2005 ZO6's are gonna reach the high 11's)

    I think we are definately on the verge of another 60's style horsepower war, boys! Everyone keeps getting faster and faster, and since Mustang killed the Camaro (teehee), this time it's gonna be Vette vs. Mustang....this is gonna get good!
  15. ummm.....my dad pays 1200/year for his C5, so i dont think that arguement really has any merrit. JMO.
  16. I think a cobra pushing 450rwhp would destroy a stock z06
  17. That extra 550lbs the Cobra is carrying hurts it a lot but you still have a small back seat and decent sized trunk. It would be nice if Ford could drop the weight to equal that of the Z06 but I dont see it happening.
  18. Ford needs a 2 seater coupe that has a 500 hp NA motor that will chew the BOWTIE up and spit it out.