03 cobra vs z06

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  1. I don't think you'll see anything like that. Ford has had too much success with supercharging. Closest Ford vehicle that meets your requirements would be this one:


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  2. No, i mean one that the simple man can afford.
  3. I would like to see Ford put out a little 2 seater that will OUT perform the Miata and the S2000.

    Let it bring out a NAME for Ford, other than a "poor mans" car.
  4. Ford owns Mazda, and is supervising the next generation Miata. :nice:
  5. One thing here everybody said mod the cobra and it will take the Z06, well what bout modding the Z06 then what? I think they are both great cars and both deserve great respect.

    If I could afford either one I would buy one in a heartbeat... for now I will settle with my 89 notch 357 windsor single turbo....
  6. yyyyyyyyyyuuuummmmm 357 with a turbo. :hail2: SOunds reallly really really badass man :nice:
  7. I am still working the Turbo out I have the motor built I am running the AFR225 series heads on basically a mild motor here is what I have so far...
    351block bored .30
    8.1 forged pistons with valve reliefs
    full roller setup
    the engine should make I am hoping for roughly 350HP 390 TQ on motor
    and I am hopin to get some crazy #s from the Turbo
    My goal is to make it to the low 10's...hope fully it will be done by summer of 04
    there is only one other notch in my area that claims those times but I have not seen him run and he rarely brings it out..

    DirtyD916 thanks for the compliment....
  8. i want an all motor 612rwhp 306

  9. LOL!

    Thats bout the funniest thing I have EVER heard.
  10. How do you plan on building an all motor 306 612 HP motor? that would be very interesting... I have never seen that before...
  12. hhe

    Well I went 12.76 in my 03 cobra and I really didnt have much experience driving it then. I have met people at the track who showed me their slips with as low as 12.4 and claim to be 100% stock. Dont know if they did something or not and were being dishonest...but they let me look under the hood.

    There was one guy claiming 12.2 and had the slip to prove it...but I just cant believe that.....although he had his hood open and everything appeared stock..
  13. :rolleyes: 03 Cobra = 390 at flywheel stock(severely underated)
    02 - up Z06 = 405 stock at flywheel

    hmmmmmmm the difference isn't quite 70 :shrug:

    Like I said earlier this battle will never end. I love Corvettes, if I ever win the lottery I'll have one(right beside my Fords and a Viper) :p but I work for Ford and get great prices on their products.

    Also you can quote all the magazine numbers you want and so-n-so's car did this-n-that but that's all don't matter, what matters is individual driver ability in a specific car. Run what ya brung, and if ya didn't bring enough, don't **** :nice:
  14. In the real world, there are a lot more modded 03 Cobras than modded Z06s. And when you start talking about the 700hp Kenne Bell Cobras, then you are talking Viper numbers. There is always something faster out there, so beware. BTW, the new issue of MM&FF has an article about a V-10 Cobra that SVT is playing with that has 432rwhp, and that is without a supercharger.
  15. They should just take the truck v-10 and make a light intake and exhaust system and mate it with the 6-spd.
  16. Stock ZO6 = 12.3-12.7 1/4 mi

    I don't know about that one. :bang:

    Local guy got his z06 and was out cruise one nite. he stopped to meet a few of us guys that meet some where. good group of Mustang guys

    Guy was really talking up his new $40k + Toy
    He was looking to race, A Stang

    Ya the Z06 should have knew not to run this mouth.

    94-95 GT
    306 Trick Flow Wedge heads ,Ford intake [stock ported] 4:10 gears

    G-teched high 12's first time out with new set up

    Mustang was better out the hole just because he had slicks, Z06 stock tires
    mustang pulled one to two cars on him.

    close to end of 1/4 mile the Z06 Start to get closer.
    Z06 has some great Top end speed.

    Well the Mustang won by 2 cars and the Z06 guy was not to happy that he payed that much money to lose to a Mustang.

    He said a Viper was next on list if z06 couldn't get the job done :owned:
  17. I am sorry last time I checked I thought we were all in the real world jk...lol I agree that there is always someone always faster... but you also have to consider that the Z06 or any LS1 can damn well match those #'s with N/A just look at Motorsporttech.com

    they have cars runnin 9's and makin around 600 HP on all motor check there site out. I cant imagine if they slap a blower or turbo on there setups...

    As for the V-10 Ford is experimenting with I think they should stick to the 5.4 and or 4.6. I really dont think that 432 RWHP out of a V-10 is all that impressive 4.6 Cobra's Supercharged can make or beat this #. just my .2 cents on this
  18. The V-10 is an experiment and a neat one at that, especially the way they did and I'm sure there's room for improvement. It'd be a cool motor for the next Cobra R.

    For those that didn't read the article, it's a 4.6 block with two more cylinders, same bore and stroke bringing the displacement to 5.8l, 351ci. They did the same thing with the heads using 2000 Cobra R heads with the end result being a 5.8 DOHC V-10, pretty cool if ya ask me. I hope they do something with but probably won't, we'll see.
  19. I am hoping they will supercharge it and put it in the next Shelby.
  20. I guess it is different, but I guess I cant get over 5.8=v10 I have a 357 windsor= v8 that can damn well match those #'s. I am sorry but I guess I was just expecting more from a Ford V10 but supercharged V10... that would be sick... and then I guess for there first time out those are some crazy time slips...either way mad props for the design and hopefully they will build it...