03 cobra vs z06

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  1. Well they literally threw it together. Now if they improve on what they threw together and actually blueprinted something out, they could have something really impressive.
  2. You know what I found interesting is that they use two PC's to control the Motor right down the middle as if it was 2 inline five cylinders...well have to see what FORD decides. I feel it should be at least 500 RWHP if it is going to be a V10. If this is to be a supercar it should be Equivalant to the ZL1 Chevy camaro that makes 600RWHP on a 427 LS1 V8... just my .02$
  3. damn that cobra got raped bad... good run though
  4. That Cobra sounds stock & it's a convertible, a good .5 slower ¼ mile. :nonono:

    This last Saturday I met up with a long time Corvette owner in Granite Bay, he had a 03 Z06 with CAI, wider tires in the back, and complete custom exhaust. He has had the car for 6 months, and knows how to drive them. We ran twice to 120MPH, and I had him by two cars both times! We did one from a 20MPH role to 120, and I had him again by 15 feet. Just the Facts! :nice:

    Later I hooked up with another chap in a 01 Viper GTS. We did a role from 20mph and by 120 I had him by 13feet.

    By the way I did all this with some pretty heavy detonation occurring the entire time. :bang:

  5. Very nice car... your car sounds like it is insanely fast... very nice kills :nice:
  6. Kind of off-topic, but how much RWHP would it take for a stock-geared 96-98 Cobra to edge out a stock Z06? I'm thinkin' 370 rwhp and some DR's should do it.:shrug:

    I'm have my heart set on an 8# water-injected Kenne Bell and about 370-390 rwhp is what I'm looking at.

  7. That sounds like a great setup but that is what Z06's make at the wheels and they are lighter than mustangs.

    I would say you would need about 425 RWHP or close and or 370-390 with some serious weight loss.

    I have seen bone stock Cobra's that dyno 375 and still lose to a stock Z06 just to give you an Idea. Either way good luck on your project and you can always add some juice or more boost.
  8. Not exactly a great video for the '03 Cobra vs. Z06 debate,
    as the '03 Cobra was NOT STOCK...
    (It had a chip/pulley/etc & ~ 450 rwhp/500rwtq)

    But neither was the Z06 either...
    (Heads/cam/etc if I remember correctly & ~ 700 fwhp/unknown tq)
  9. well that is true if the Z06 is making 250 more hp than the blown cobra that puts the Z06 in another class.

    But damn 700HP from N/A Heads and cam I am sorry but that is flat out impressive... I cant imagine if they were to add a blower or turbo on top of that setup... :nice:
  10. It takes more than just Heads and a cam to pull another 320+h.p. out of a stock Z06. :nonono: The Lingenfelter Twin Turbo has all of that plus it’s pumped out to 427 with 2 turbos and its only looking at 725h.p. and it’s the fastest in the land.

    Was that Cobra yours? I’ve got the smaller pulley and it makes the blower whistle louder than in the video. If it is yours I suggest you only race Z06’s with your top up and lose some weight. :nice:

    Look here http://www.lingenfelter.com/pac725ttls1y.asp for all the necessary mods to get a Z06 to 700+hp.
  11. No, the Cobra wasn't mine, but I know the girl who owns it.
    If I remember correctly (I may not - it was a long time ago :p ),
    that Z06 was ~ 600 rwhp & the race was a "set-up" of sorts where she wasn't
    told all the mods it had.

    She had a bunch of stuff in the trunk, top down & obviously a passenger.
    Not good conditions for a high-speed highway race IMHO... :bang:

    I'll see if I can dig-up the exact specifics on both cars, as I haven't spoken with her in a LONG time...
  12. Here's what I found so far:

    I'll see if I can find the actual Z06 numbers for 'ya...
  13. Ok, I was wrong about the rwhp numbers (BIG TIME!) - that's what i get for relying on my failing memory... :p

    Here are some quotes from the Z06 owner:

    Guess you just have to attribute her loss to:

    poor aerodynamics (Top UP anyone???)
    too much weight (4000+ lbs with her & hubby in it!)
  14. Isn’t she the one with a KB now? If so I wonder if this was what converted her? :shrug:
  15. Yep, that's her.
    I'm reasonably certain that the outcome of the Z06 race had a litle to do with her getting a KB... :p