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  1. Ok, I'm thinking about dropping my ride about 1-1 and half inches all around. I was thinking of using the Eibach spring kit to get the job done, but I have 4 really stupid questions. 1. What is the difference between a progressive and a specific drop? I've only found the progressive drop to fit my car, and I'm wondering what the difference is?. 2. Will I need to install any extra parts other than the springs in order to keep my ride from beating me to death? I hear people saying all the time that with a drop, their ride is really rough. Is that avoidable at all, or just part of the territory? 3. Will wheel well clearance be an issue? I'm working with the factory wheels and rims, so I'm thinking there won't be an issue here..but I'd appreciate input. and 4. Will the car look good with the stock rims still on? I've got the five-spoke stock V6 rims and I don't have the money to upgrade those, if I ever do. Do you think it's going to look tacky, like a car with a bad suspension or should it be ok? I realize I'm asking alot of ?'s and I appreciate any responses to this post very much. I tried to keep it short. :nice:
  2. 1. Progressive springs are springs that have a spring rate that changes with compression. For example, the spring rate at 'resting' height may be 300#, but when compressed by an inch (like going over a bump), the spring rate increases to 400#. A constant spring is one that would exhibit the same spring rate at all degrees of compression.

    2. A rougher ride is pretty much part-and-parcel of being lowered. If you want to drop your car by say two inches, then you basically have two inches less suspension travel available before you bottom something out, so your springs need to be that much stiffer. Stiffer springs = rougher ride. The more you lower your car, the rougher it's going to be. A 1" drop won't be so bad. A 3" drop will be rough. I'd say 1" is a good blend of roughness and looks. As to buying stuff - there's not much you can buy to make it 'softer'. Although your stock shocks may or may not last very long with a lowered ride height, so many people find it advisable to just replace the shocks while you're down there the first time, and save some cash. Going with slightly better shocks geared for your ride height will result in a bit smoother ride too.

    3. For a 1" drop, wheel clearance is not an issue whatsoever. Don't even worry about it.

    4. Looks are subjective, but IMO, a 1" drop still looks decent with the stock 16"ers. If you were talking about a 3" drop, that might start to look a bit strange without bigger wheels (or even with bigger wheels). I'm personally not a fan of ultra-huge drops. I prefer a clean 1-2" drop, so I think what you've chosen sounds good. Ultimately that's up to you though.
  3. I have an 02 with the stock 16" wheels. I lowered the car 1.25" and it looks really good.
    Its not too low where your scraping on every speed bump. It really closes the fender gap a lot and looks really hot. Very subtle as far as looks go it doesnt have that droped or slamed look to it but put it next to a stock mustang and youll definetly see the difference.
    You HAVE to get a new set of high performance shocks/struts, or you run the risk of blowing out the factory ones. Please dont go with KYBs. I have the Tokicos 5 way adjustable and There cool. Ive heard Bilstens are the best and Konis are inbetween the 2 but very expensive. Expect to dump in at least 5 bills for parts alone.
    I have 585lbs in the front and 225lb in the rear specific springs. and shocks/struts on the stiffest setting and the ride is ruffer and a lot more bump, but not unbearable.
    If you want to see some pics let me kno
  4. oh and it handles a lot better too
  5. Thanks alot for the input. I'll probably go ahead and drop it 1 1/2 all the way around since it seems like the best way to go. Thanks for all that detailed info Dan. I appreciate it.
  6. i'm getting 20's on my car and i want to drop it 1 1/2 inches. i had the same questions as mean03v6 and now i'm kinda confused. should i buy the springs only or should i buy shocks too. i've seen mustangs on 20's and the owners tell me they have a 1 1/2 inch drop and itdoesn't rub or hit anything. i'm guessing it's cause the rims and tires add so much height. what do you guys suggest i do about the drop and what kind of springs should i go with. and if i need shocks where can i get them.
  7. You should seriously think about whether you really want 20s.

    You have two options. Either (a) keep the overall wheel/tire diameter and width the same, or (b) use a wider-than stock tire diameter and width.

    If you choose (a), then you'll be working with about a 275/30/20 tire. I promise you - it will be the WORST ride ever, and if you so much as glance even a small pothole, you WILL bend a wheel. I would seriously think twice about doing that if you plan to drive your car on the street at all. If you do this, you can still drop an inch or two and not have clearance issues.

    If you choose (b), then you can get away with maybe a bit higher profile, but you're going to have clearance issues due to the larger tire. Exactly what the limits are, I don't know. You'd have to experiment. Get out your chequebook.

    As to the shocks .. like I said before, any time you drop, you basically either need to replace the shocks/struts then with ones designed for your new ride height, or continue to use your stock ones, which will likely blow out within 10k miles or less due to the lowered height. When that happens, you'll need ot disassemble everything again to install new shocks, which will end up costing you more money in the end. In other words, it's either pay twenty bucks now, or only fifteen now, but fifteen more in a year.

    Dude, don't get 20s. It'll look whacky, and you'll barely be able to drive the thing.
  8. I think its smart to lower ur car before u get rims. When you get rims after you lowered it... it will not look like a 4X4 mustang
  9. That's an interesting point...and a good one too. :nice:
  10. i took your advice and i've looked for some new shocks and struts. HIGH PERFORMACE. one more question. i'm doing the 225 35 20 infront and the 245 35 20's in the back. these are really the only tires that will fit. i know about the potholes and i will be careful. i'm not missingout performance cause i have a v6. so it's aight. The reason why i'm really doing the 20's thing is because i know 97% of mustang owners decide on 18's or less. i like to seperate myself from the crowd. i love it when i drive by another mustang owner and see them stare in amazement at my car. i like to give people an idea of what's out there. imagine how many neck i'm gonna break with my dubz. but oviously i still want my car to be in top condition so i gotta make sure that what i'm doing won't kill my car.
  11. :nono: don't put 20's on the car, you will regret it the rest of your days of owning the wheels when the first little bump you just barely forget to notice, and bam 2 hella bent wheels that are irrepairable. 19's are a huge step, 20's are like jumping off the bridge, don't do it man.
  12. there's a reason why most mustang owners don't go higher than 18" on wheels - it looks like crap. I've seen a few mustangs with 20" wheels, and they look like wagons.
  13. i've been set on 20's since i bought the car, but i've really been thinking about it lately and its going to be a royal 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'. not only are they going to be expensive but they are going to be a problem with all the pot holes around here. this decison is going to be hard. on the net i've seen the mustangs with 20's that aren't dropped and they do look like wagons, i've also seen the ones that are dropped and they look hella sweet. i'm just going to really think about this thanks for the advice to all of you.
  14. Think harder. :D Look at all the Stangs out there with 17s. They look great, and will cost you WAY less than 20s, leaving you with money for other stuff. If you want to be different, I'd say 18s are uncommon enough that you'll stand out. But 19s or 20s are just asking for trouble, IMO.
  15. won't 22" dubs fit????? that would be crunkity crunk phat
  16. What should i get to lower my ride? I'm looking into this for this summer and I am looking to be between 1 and 1.5" drop. Classy, not slammed. Anyone have any suggestions for me?