03 Fuel Related Issue

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  1. I just bought a 2003 Mustang gt, it had sat for 6 months or so not really being driven, maybe started up from time to time. So I start driving it and it had a little erratic miss from time to time, eventually I get a code for misfire in cyl 3. I pulled the plug and it is drenched in gas and oil. I blew out the cyl with air, replaced the plug, it starts right up and I even get the thing through emissions. Then my cel comes on again. This time it is a code p0353. I started working on the pass side cylinders again, replacing the ngk plug I bought with a motorcraft to match the rest, gapped at .056, replaced the c.o.p., go back to start the car and it will crank but won't run. I ask someone else to start the car and it starts but ran terrible, when the gas is pressed it dies. Then I couldn't get it to run anymore. A day later I start it, after messing with the fpdm, inertia switch, and having the batt unplugged for awhile, It started and ran for 5-7 min until i shut it off. Now I've checked the voltage at the inertia switch, when the ign is turned to on, i will get current at the harness for the switch. But it stays on, not like a prime for the fuel pump for 2-5 secs, it has constant power. The voltage at the fpdm was over 10.5 measured at the harness per the ford test. I am getting no sound whatsoever from the pump. Should I try changing the fpdm module or the pump next? The fuel pump seems like a pain in the ass to get to, I don't know why they dont make an access point under the rear seat. I have a new york car with 213k on it and its an absolute ****in mess down there, never been cleaned up, I plan on replacing the filter for sure. Any help appreciated.
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  2. I want to add that I don't think this is a pats issue because when i put the key in the ign and turn it on the theft light does not flash.
  3. Please see the thread I started about SN95 Mustangs and fuel pump death. Not right for fuel pumps to fail after sitting for a few months. I won't blame Ford.

    Rather, I blame the insane requirement for ethanol in the gas. A sop to the corn farmers in the midwest. They expend more energy growing the corn than energy saved. Just a handout to farmers, when we need crops to feed people and critters.

    I'll write these Iowa congressmen and suggest they remove the 10% requirements on fuels. This is getting nutz !