03 Gt Needs Attention

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  1. I've had a crazy start to my 1st mustang. I picked it up a couple weeks ago (03 Wht 5spd GT) and have found some issues with it since. I also created an issue since as well. If anybody has any ideas on these things or if I'm just too paranoid let me know.

    1. Radiator full of rust.(I flushed it for a few days with Prestone cleaner still has some rust though)
    2. ABS light. (how much should I be concerned with this? are modules easy to repair or get new?)
    3. 2 oil leaks one at driver side of oil pan another at oil pressure sensor(I think) near oil filter
    4. upon flushing radiator got water on top of motor. There was water in the spark plug wells(Not all) so i dried it out but the motor since has thrown misfire on 1,2.5,7,8 also one injector code as well. I have new plugs to install this weekend but any advice regarding new coils or injectors? What should I do?
    5.Might need new clutch.(On take off I get a worn bearing sound or like its going to stall (But doesn't)
    6. How to tell the need for motor mounts or tranny mounts? things seem a bit loose and clicky when I'm down shifting.

    I guess this is good to start with.

    Thanks guys I appreciate your input
  2. Well I'll try to chime in on the on that I have had some experience with. I was having an issue with an oil leak near the oil filter. After some research I decided to replace the oil filter adapter gasket. So far that has solved my problem. Good luck with it.
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  3. 1. As long as most of the rust is gone you should be OK. Might want to flush one more time with clean water.

    2. Should be able to go to one of the parts stores to test why the ABS is on. Could be a bad sensor.
    3. Shrug? maybe someone will chime in.

    4. Water in the plug wells is not your friend. It has happend to me often. A good tune-up with new plugs should help providing the coils are OK.

    5. The sound you are getting is a throw out bearing. Replace clutch and make sure your get a Ford throw-out bearing to replace. I've had bad experience with the one that come with the clutches.

    6. If you get a lot of shifter movement during a drive then you could be experiencing bad mounts.
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  4. Thanks for your replies. I put new plugs in and it runs a lot better. The remaining issue related to the water is getting him to turn over. Ever since it takes two tries.
    As far as the clutch I've heard that comment that the ford TOB is recco. How about the shift fork and pilot bearing. I plan to buy a clutch kit from napa auto parts which comes with a pilot bearing. He already has a cold air and cat back flomaster don't think I'll make much more changes. A standard clutch should be fine in this case right?

    Thanks again.
  5. 1. Just got a diesel truck and those really hate rust and silicate particles in their cooling systems. Look up fleetguard restore and Ford VC9 cooling system cleaners. If you want it perfectly clear, this will be the way to go.

    2. Get it tested either at a parts store or someone with a good enough scanner. Could be a dirty sensor or your module went bad, I recommend http://www.cheapabs.com/vrfordmercury.html He did mine less than a week turnaround time. Lifetime warranty too.

    3. Could be the oil pressure sensor at the adapter, or the adapter itself. Also could be the passenger side valve cover gasket too running down to the pan.

    4. Water in plugwells is not good, blow them out with compressed air and let it dry (hopefully it's warm by you). Clear the codes and start it up again, it is possible you got moisture inside the COP's.

    5. The sound you're getting is clutch chatter. Sounds like someone may have overclutched it by putting in a super strong clutch which needs power to grab and hold, otherwise you get these sounds and are unable to take off smoothly from a stop.

    6. Crawl underneath and look for rubber inside the mounts. Or just replace everything with some sort of urethane mount and don't worry about it (It'll be about $100 for motor mount and $65-140 depending on what trans mount you have.
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  6. If the rust is that bad I would look into replacing the radiator, hoses and thermostat then, flush it again.
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  7. Did you check to make sure the ABS is pugged in? I know some ppl disable the rear in order to do burnouts
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  8. Wow! Checking if the ABS is plugged in is kind of a good idea. Haha. I honestly never thought to check that. I'd probably just unplug it again anyway haha.

    The rust is pretty bad. I'll have to check and see how much radiators cost.

    Ever since the water incident it takes two tries to get the car running. I've replaced spark plugs and the fuel filter so far. What's next? Seems like it could be vacuum related as it seems sluggish to get going but is fine once it's rolling. Also seems like hot starts may be an issue. As the weather has been a little warm in nor-cal this seems as though I might have this issue.

    Thanks a lot for all the replies gents!!
  9. Maybe get some MAF cleaner and clean out the mass air flow sensor too. Its a small thing to help that can never be a bad thing.
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  10. Battery is dying, get it tested and possibly the alternator as the alt may not be able to charge the battery fully.
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  11. you need to change the plugs and take the coils apart and clean them with a wire brush, then brake clean them off. Put dialectric grease on the coil where it meets the coil and the plug itsself. Only use motorcraft coils and autolite 764 or 103 plugs. Water in the plug wells is kryptonite to these things.
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  12. I always put dielectric grease around the cop boot where it touches the head. It should help keep water out of the plug well.
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