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  1. What's up guys. I recently bought an 03 gt 5spd with 115k and a clean 2 owner title pretty dang cheap...

    Car has hit something at some point in its life, which the previous owner did disclose, but the damage was done by the original owner.

    At any rate, the hood and psgr fender areas were damaged. The original owner attempted to r&r the damaged parts, and done a pretty :poo:ty job.

    At any rate, the passenger side headlight bracket is bent. He spaced the assembly off using nuts.

    From looking a little deeper in it tonight, it looks as if that part is a part of the core support. Can just the passenger side bracket be replaced? Or would the whole core be needed? Is it bolted or welded....or both?

    First pic is passenger side, second it drivers.

    The ac condenser will be replaced as well, but I'll address that once the more important items are fixed.

    e2ysynu2.jpg 6ugepymy.jpg

    Second question as of now...

    I know these intakes are prone to leaking the following pic, is this a common leak point caused by the intake? I plan to just r&r the entire upper intake. You can see the dampness behind the tensioner.


    If possible, I'll update this thread accordingly with my questions, comments, concerns, and/or updates to avoid making a billion threads Lol.

    I should add my intentions with this car.

    Like stated, I bought it 5k below its Nada value, so that leaves me some room to play and still be able to make my money back.

    I intend to repair any body/structural damage obviously. Get the car into good running condition by repairing any leaks and doing a full, through tune up.

    As far as will likely be an intake, tune, exhaust car with headers...its all stock now with the exception of a lesser quality intake and a cat back kit.

    I do intend on ditching the 3.27 for 3.73 or 4.10s. I'm still undecided as to which.

    And lastly for the time being....the car.

    Thanks guys

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  2. Adam,

    Seems like your in for a little fun. As far as that radiator support, It looks like someone tried to beat it back into submission. Depending on how it looks when you get into it, you may just want to replace it by cutting it out and putting a new one in.

    A new intake manifold is always a good idea on these 4.6s especially if they have a lot of miles on them. If you don't know how to do it, YouTube has a couple of great videos you can watch.

    As far as gears, its strictly up to your preference. You hear guys swear by either one of those ratios. Personally I like 3.73s because I still have a decent 1st gear, and good RPM on the the highway for pretty good gas milage. I like to drive my cars on trips.

    Also 3'73 will keep your exhaust just out of the drone range, which can drive you crazy on a trip.

  3. I'm going to pull the front parts off for sure, and take a better look. The only place that looks bent is the headlight mounting portion of the core support. If it comes down to replacing it, that will fall on my body guy. I can build a 1k HP powerstroke...but I am far far from a body man. Lol.

    As for intake, I may look into some all metal options as I just do not like plastic parts. Lol

    Thank you for your reply
  4. Well you have to know that your headlights are just clipped into your header panel. The header panel is attached to the radiator support, and holds the grill, bumper, headlights to the car. It may be your header panel that is also bad or the previous owner may have use a non-Ford product and it does not fit well.

  5. I'll have better info & pics once I pull the bumper and other front items. It may be something that can be repaired fairly easy. We'll see. Either way I'm in no rush. This isn't and likely will never be a dd car for me so I have time Lol.

    I'll keep this thread updated accordingly.
  6. Due to my lack of time, I've decided to just let my body man handle any imperfections.

    He's going to fix the front end, remove any dents and respray the whole car. Its much easier than trying to make the true blue match perfectly with the rest