'03 GT seats into a '93 LX

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  1. Well, they are not the '03 Cobra seats I really want, but a guy that works with me is getting new APC yellow/ black seats :puke: put into his yellow '03 GT.

    When they come in (this Wed.), I am getting his stock seats for an unbeleivable price and putting them into my car. The stock seats are gray/ black and have the pony emblems embriodered on them.

    I think both sides are power. I know the drivers side is. of my '93 seats are power, can I just run a power/ ground to both seats and have them work? I want to be able to adjust the seats right.

    Also, should I use my stock seat tracks, or the entire '03 set up?

    Anyone else done this?
  2. all you need is to run a power and ground to the 03 seats and the whole deal works. If you want the 6 way adjustability then you have to keep the 03 tracks on it. The adjustability is on the track itself as it tilts and moves everywhich way. If u want the manual seats then use your stock seat tracks however you will have to use two 1 inch spacers on each side to make them work because the bottom of the 03 seats are not flat.

    Here are my 03 seats



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  3. Do the '03 seats sit you higher in the car than the stock ones? I keep hearing this. Doesn't matter, I will get them either way, just curious.

    You have black carpet too? Looks like it in the pics. What I am thinking about is instead of just throwing the seats in there is taking the console out and replacing the carpet at the same time. I have a new console sitting around that I have just not gotten around to doing. Instead of factory gray carpet I was gonna go with black.
  4. Yeah the seats do sit a TINY bit higher. I'd say an inch at most but not even that much. It doesnt matter tho because with the power seats you can make it so the seat reclines and you're more comfortable. I'm 6'1" and i fit comfortably. Another reason why they probably feel like they're higher is because the stock seats are so worn out.

    Yeah i did go with black carpet as the stock gray one started looking yellowish. Also to help you out. The 03 harness has 4 wires. 2 small ones and 2 thick ones. The thick ones are power and ground. The other two are for like the seatbelt sensor and some other thing i forgot.
  5. OK, so the two small ones I don't have to worry about hooking up? Are the think ones color coded (red/black) or does it matter which is which?

    Thanks. :nice:
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  7. Early SN95 are eaier to install.

    I have 96 Cobra seats in my 89 Fox.
  8. I have 95GT seats in the 88. wiring up the power motor you just need to run 2 jumper wires with female to female connectors on them, connected to the fox power lumber harness. I have a power seat track but never got around to putting it in. So I am still using the 88 tracks, but the power lumbar is hooked up on both.

    They dont seem to sit any higher, and are much more comfortable.

    Those black seats pictured up top are actually V6 leather seats if I am correct, but I dont think they necessarily sit any higher or lower than GT seats.

    For some reason the 94/95 seats feel like they hold a bit better than 99-up seats, maybe because of the increased side bolster.. but 99-up seats just look killer with the running horse. you will like them MUCH better than the fox seats.

    btw, this is just my own personal comparison from having fox seats, the 95 seats and the seats in my 99.

    And I do have gray interior with black carpeting as well.

  9. Is it pretty easy to get the power seats from an sn95 working in a manual seated fox?

  10. um... yes... reread what I wrote.
  11. Thanks Adam! Your pic of the carpet is a little more clear than the one up top. Made up my mind to definately go with new black carpeting before installing the seats! Looks nice as a contrast to the black trim on the dash vs. the gray console. I also did not think of running the power/ ground wire through the stock lumbar wiring! That should make it alot easier. I am gonna use the '03 track, so I should be able to get it working perfectly as long as I use those tracks, right? I spoke to the guy with the car tonight and only the driver seat is power. That's how they usually are anyway.

    He has these yellow/ black seat covers on them. Took them off tonight to look and they are PERFECT! The car is only like two months old anyway!

    I will let you guys know how it turns out. :nice:
  12. Oh yeah, I just realized the '03 seats come with those seat belt holders on the top sides of them! That is great, because the stupid seatbelts on my car are non-adjustable (for hight) and always rub on my dam neck driving down the road! Maybe those holders (retainers, whatever) will pull them out of the way!

    I was planning to try and engineer a swap with a Crown Vic for the seat belt height adjusters. This would take care of that, I hope! :nice: :D
  13. I never used to wear my belt because of that reason. The velcro seat belt pads help a lot. At least what's rubbing on your neck is soft with the pads on there.
  14. :stupid:
  15. Adam and nitto88,

    What did you guys do for the seat belts? I noticed looking at his car tonight that the buckle end of the belts are attached to the seat. In the Fox car they are bolted to the floor. If there is no provision for the buckle on his new seat what would you guys do?

    He is getting the black/ yellow APC seats, if I have not mentioned it already.
  16. I took mine off.
  17. No seatbelts at all?
  18. They aren't bolted to the seat. There is no change in the seat belts, just the seat. The stock belts don't change at all.
  19. NIce

    Seats are looking good guys :nice: