'03 GT seats into a '93 LX

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by dreddstang, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. I have a set of '01 GT leathers that I've had in my car for going on 2 years now. They really have settled nicely, though they're still firm enough to provide ample support and stability.

    They're leaps and bounds better than the crappy Fox seats were -- And the driver's seat is 6-way power.
  2. them seats suck!

  3. I just unbolted the seatbelts off the 03 seat and used the stock seatbelts.

    The only drawback of these seats is that they render the armbrake cupholder a bit useless. lol.
  4. Yes, they do... I want a refund!!! :p
  5. the 95s dont have the belts as part of the seat.. so no difference in mine...
  6. Nevermind with the seat belts. Figured out that the new APC seats he is using has a provision to mount his seat belt buckle.

    Should be getting everything in tomorow. I'll post pictures! :nice:
  7. Well, we should all know shipping is gonna screw up our scedule every time! :rolleyes:

    The carpet for the passenger area showed up yesterday on time. The carpet for the hatch/ rear seat delete area showed up today, and ONE seat arrived today. Not two, just one!

    Tomorow in the morning I will start taking the interior apart and get the carpet installed, then Monday put the seats in when they show up. Will get pics as I go.
  8. Its hard to tell from the pic, but why is the beloved cupholder useless?
  9. Because these seats arent as wide and thus the newer seats dont squeeze against the center console like the stock ones do.
  10. :nonono: That sucks.
  11. Hmmm. Never thought about that. I try not to eat/ drink in the car anymore though. Especially now that I'll have all this new stuff in.

    Got the seats, console, hatch carpet, factory amp, kick panels and door sills out today, but got stuck on the seat belts! Don't have a torx bit the right size, so I could not get the seat belts out to get the passenger area carpet out. Tonight when I get off work a buddy is gonna meet me at the house and give me one. Then I will get the carpet out so in the morning I can cut all the holes I need in the new carpet (shifter, ect) and put it in.

    Hopefully I will have everything ready Monday so when the seats show up I can just bolt them in! :nice:

    Took lots of pics, will post them later. :nice:
  12. Cool, cant wait to see it.
  13. When you take your carpet out be very careful and on the passenger side under where the seat is, you can sometimes find your cars build sheet. I've found it on two stangs and the words were still sorta readable. On mine tho only a tiny piece was left and it was all water damaged.

  14. Sweet! I meant to ask where they usually are. I have taken carpet out of a few cars before and was never able to find it. Been hoping it would still be in this car.

    the car only has 57K miles and is in pretty nice shape, so maybe it is still intact.

    Thanks for the heads up! :nice: :nice:
  15. Nito88stang- Those seats look great!
  16. After just catching back up to this thread, I have to ask how this seat upgrade rendered your passenger seat/e-brake cupholder useless? If anything, mine is more effective.
  17. Anybody know how much the grey 03 gt leather one's are from ford? I already have the drivers seat but need a matching passenger.
  18. U can not buy COMPLETE seats from Ford.

    Only parts and pieces.
  19. dreddstang, did you ever finish your project?

    Where is the best price to buy newer mustang seats at? How much do they usually cost?

    I have rode in the new mustangs and I really love the look and feel of their seats. I dont think I would want leather though, just cloth for me.