'03 GT seats into a '93 LX

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  1. 92greenGT,

    My new seats are cloth also. Black/ gray.

    As far as progress, I will post more pics in the morning, but today I managed to get ALL the new carpet in from hatch to dash (rear seat delete looks MUCH better!), the new console, and all the trim and seatbelts. All I have to do now is bolt the new seats in when they show up in the morning! Can't wait!

    Looks SOOOOO much better with black carpet instead of gray!

    Next is to take the door panels and give them to the upholstry shop to re-do the bottoms. I am gonna get rid of the lousy pockets sewn into them from the factory and get black carpet run alson the bottom like the 87-89 fox cars had. Also getting black armrests for the doors, but that is another thread!

    Will post pics and stuff when I am done tomorow!

    Thanks to everyone for all the help with this.

    Also, for anyone wanting new carpet in their car, I bought my molded carpet set form 5.0resto.com--and it is perfect! Fit like a glove with NO TRIMMING! I was pretty suprised. I would recommend their carpet sets to anyone! (no, I don't work for them :rlaugh: )

  2. Ok man, cant wait to see the pics.:nice:

  3. Finished!!!

    OK, everything is in and working perfectly! Here is a link to some pics, but they did not turn out too well. I think the flash does that to them. I will get better pics when it is light outside.

    What do you guys think?

  4. looks great man! good work and I cant wait for some sunny pics.
  5. nice

    looks like they went in with a nice fit :nice:
  6. Man they went in absolutely perfect! They are still close enough to the console to use the E/brake/ cupholder if I wanted (not!), and the seats DO sit up you significantly higher than the old Fox seats. It will just take some getting used to, definately not bad enough to where I don't like them.

    It was pretty overcast here today, supposed to be sunny tomorow, I'll put up some more pics.

    Wait till I get my rear seat delete finished and the door panels done! :nice:
  7. Thanks for the pics. I am about to put 99 up GT seats in my 90 GT.
  8. UPDATE!!!

    A month or two ago I got a DEAL on a set of '03 Cobra seats so I sold the '03 GT ones and put the Cobra set in. Still have a rear seat delete, so it's only the fronts.

    Here is a link with some good pics.


    The same week I fell over a good deal for a set of black/ tan '03 Cobra front and rear vert seats so I put them in my '98 Cobra convertible, so now I have them in both cars!

    Life is good!:nice:
  9. I'm with you guys, the '03 seats are leaps and bounds better than Fox seats.

    I love mine! ;)


    Ok, ok so i'm cheating here a bit. Minute i find another good pair of seats (plus a rear seat) of dark charcoal leathers i will be putting those into my Fox. These seats may not hold you well in turns but they are damn comfortable.

    Also, for you guys who get wrinkles in it. I found that Mothers Gold Class leather cleaner/conditioner works the balls for getting the wrinkles out. Just apply once a week and the seats atay soft and wrinkles will work out.

    Also, if you want to make these seats recline all the way back...here ya go!

  10. The 03/04 Cobra seats are awsome in both my cars now that I have them, you should try to find a set of them!:nice:
  11. Chris long time no see...how have things been?

    Happy Hoildays...
  12. i havent even seen like most of these people who posted in this forum 2 years ago.. they disappeared! its like a whole different stangnet lol looks good though
  13. Yup and they look good Chris. :D



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  14. Yeah Bernie, my old seats look pretty god in your car, looks like they even match the rears pretty well!

    Rick, happy holidays to you also! I have been pretty busy with work and www.mamandf.com, so I don't get on Stangnet too much anymore. My car's pretty much totally transformed since you had in in your garage! I have been playing with the idea of getting rid of it and looking for something else. Maybe an '03 Cobra, or a nice black LX coupe.

    How's your car running now? I am guessing you got everything back together since I saw you last?:D

    Anyway, good hearing from you as well! Happy New Year!:nice: