03 Gt Whistle/whine When Moving

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  1. Hello, I am new to the forums and just joined today so if im posting in the wrong area please tell me so. Ok with that out of the way here is my problem. I have a 2003 Mustang GT coupe that I have had since about 2010. I purchased it in pretty bad condition but I have fixed it up to what you see in the picture and have been able to fix all the problems up to until this one. After sent my mustang to have the clutch swapped it started making a noise. The noise was very quiet at first and was almost unnoticeable and only did the noise until about 5 mph but it over time has gotten louder and makes the noise for a larger mph range When I start to move forward or when I am coming to a stop my car makes a odd whistling noise and when I move to a about 10-15 mph that noise goes away but a almost inaudible high pitched whine can be heard. I have tried multiple ways of starting and stopping with the clutch and and out, different gears including neutral, and the only thing I havent tried but I will next time the noise begins is complete shut off the engine and see if the noise continues to help narrow down the possibilities. but the most annoying part is the noise is random and by that I mean it will do it constantly for 3 days then go away for 2 or do it half a day and go away. I have sent my car to my mechanics multiple times to have this fixed but everytime I send it they cant hear the noise because it never seems to want to do it for them (I honestly am starting to believe my car is sentient and is trying to piss me off). I recently just got it back from them for the 2nd or 3rd time and it is still doing it. If I could somehow track down the noise when I do it I would point them in the right direction but unfortunately im in the car and can only hear it coming from underneath.
    Here is a picture of the car if anyone is interested
    if the imbeded picture is broken here is a link http://imgur.com/brdufno
    and here is a video with the sound I hear it starts at around 6 seconds into the video. I appoligize for the wind I had a much better video but it accidentaly got deleted, when my car starts to make the noise again I will grab a better video if needed

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-N9DFbRw4A

    Once again though any help at all is much appreciated
  2. I had a window whistle when I first bought my car back in 06. I still had a warranty and the dealership replaced the window seal around the top of the door opening. It fixed it at the time. The tech said if that did not work they would have to try shimming the window to make it fit tighter at the top against the door opening.
  3. If it is making the sound with engine off, and key off, check rear end fluid, rear brakes (ABS sensors in case they are dragging, all calipers too). If someone rides with you, or you're sitting in the passenger seat is it louder on that side of the car?

    Also, swap in the stock shifter if you can, ( I'm thinking the stops are set too tight), although they should not even be set in TR3650 cars anyways to begin with.

    Or is the sound coming from speakers..feedback from a bad ground from something?

    Just some ideers..
  4. Can you get it up on a lift or jacks stands? If so you can hand rotate the wheels, while in neutral to see if you can duplicate the sound. That should be an easy way to rule out brake drag.