03 Mach 1 versus 07 Mustang GT: Drag Racing

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  1. I've been thoroughly dissecting my 1/4 mile timeslips from my 03 Mach 1 (manual trans) versus my 07 GT Coupe (auto trans) to see how close I'm getting the 07 to the Mach 1's performance. I'm just thinking out loud, so here are my observations...

    The cars are very evenly modded. The Mach 1 requires 91 octane gas from the factory and I've retuned the GT for premium gas via my Predator Tuner. The Mach 1 is a manual trans, but I added a 3,800 rpm stall converter to the GT's automatic so that it launches like a stick shift car. The Mach 1 has 4.30 gears while the GT has 4.10 gears (bigger overdrive and higher redline in the Mach 1 allowed a little more gear). That's it. No other mods to either car other than BFG 275/40/17 drag radials. Race weight for each car with me in it: Mach 1 = 3,550 lbs, GT = 3,620 lbs.

    While looking over timeslips (50+ for the Mach 1 and about 30 for the 07 GT), I threw out the slips where I made an obvious mistake (missed shift, blazed the tires) or the weather was outrageous (90+ degree & high humidity). Then I grabbed the ten best timeslips for each car and averaged those out instead of just looking at the ultimate best for each car. That allowed me to concentrate on repeatable numbers that can be meaningfully compared.

    It's amazing how close the two cars are in a short race, but then the 4V heads on the Mach 1 start to shine at higher speeds (duh!). Here is the average for the ten best timeslips for each car.

    R/T: 0.116 (M1), 0.092 (GT)
    60 foot ET: 1.86 (M1), 1.88 (GT)
    330 foot ET: 5.44 (M1), 5.51 (GT)

    1/8 mi ET: 8.42 (M1), 8.55 (GT)
    1/8 mi MPH: 82.66 (M1), 81.22 (GT)

    1000 foot ET: 10.97 (M1), 11.17 (GT)

    1/4 mi ET: 13.14 (M1), 13.39 (GT)
    1/4 mi MPH: 104.2 (M1), 101.7 (GT)

    As much as I miss my Mach 1 (sold it to a buddy when I bought the 07), at least the 07 is almost where I left off with the Mach 1. A couple more easy mods, or drop some weight out of the car, and it'll be there.
  2. Nice comparo! Now the Mach had 300 HP stock, how much TQ? I can also see that the 4V head would carry more steam at the upper end over the 3V. Did you do any weight reduction in the Mach or was it minor such as spare/jack removal only? I know with mine after 195 lbs removed I gained .236 secs & 1.9 MPH and that was with very little to no traction for the first 330'. Had stickies been on there I imagine I could have come close to .4 secs reduction or more. I know my MPH might have stayed the same or dropped due to tire spin. There is alot in these autos if you can coax it out right. I know totaly different altitude, weather, track prep and driver skill varies, but my best with weight removal and street radials edged your Mach. If I were you, I'd remove as much weight as possible since you have very good traction and you should see 12s. My best 60' was 1.96 with most of the others in the 2.04-2.07 range so you are beating mine by nearly .2! Good luck and I know I'm looking forward to your tactics and progress:nice:
  3. Kooldawg, What did you remove from your car to free up 195 lbs?
  4. The Mach 1 was rated at 305hp, and 330 lb ft torque. Real world dyno'ing by many of the guys at www.Mach1Registry.com showed those to be conservative numbers, with most seeing bone stock Mach 1's at about 320-325hp and 350-360 lb ft torque.

    The only things I removed for weight reduction in either car was the jack, spare, and rear seat bottom. 1/4 tank gas maximum. That's how I got to the weights I posted.
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  6. Okay Guys someone help me out here with the math and the weight distribution aspects of the S197 for drag purposes. I was under the impression that the ideal distribution for drag is 50/50. So, now I am now totally confused if the stock WD is 53/47 with a stock weight of 3483(ish), we would have a lbs. split of 1845 to the front and 1637 to the back.

    Wouldn't we want shave 150+ FROM THE FRONT and redistribute it to the back?
  7. Thanks gashog:nice: For those who are wondering where I came up with 195 and this post only shows 183. I removed 3 of the 4 heavy duty rubber floormats the next day which weighed another whopping 12 lbs:eek:
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