Mach 1 '03 Mach 1 vs '01 Cobra

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by admdavs, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. Just putting the question out for advice. I have been searching for my new Mustang for about two months- I'm still about two months away from making my purchase- and here is my dilema: I took out an '01 on Saturday and loved the power and interior- however, I have found a couple of Mach 1's for about the same price (I'm in the $22K-$24K range). I am not going to go too overboard with mods as this will be my daily driver- but the non-IRS Mach 1 will be nice to launch during drags- any advice???? :shrug:
  2. the mach is faster..and brand new, sounds like a nobrainer
  3. Does anyone know where I can find bolt-on's for the Mach 1- I'm looking for the quick and realitively inexpensive first timer parts. Down the road I'd like to add a vortech, but those running in the high 7's will make me wait a while?
  4. When I test drove the '01 Slobra, I took it right back to the dealership. I later spanked a stocker '01 Vert with a lightly modded automatic '00GT. With 4.10's, I think the '01 would be a lot better, but if you are in the market for a Mach, I agree with 00GTdude.....No Brainer, get a Mach before 033104, they can be had for a GT asking price.
  5. Ahhh damn, it's closed!
  6. I'm glad it is, some of those guys (not all) are delirious about their cars and suprisingly a couple of them are quoting some misinformation about the Mach 1. :shrug: Who cares though, in the end they are still Mustangs. :flag:
  7. I agree, whether it is a Mach 1, Cobra, GT and dare I say, even a V6- a Mustang is still a Mustang. American Born and American Made- the only car I will drive :flag:
  8. I love both of the cars, but it was quite entertaining to sit back and watch that thread I started. Some of those Cobra Guys seem to hate the Mach with a passion. Just like you, I believe if it's a mustang, and it's fast, I love it.
  9. Not related to the topic but Hey cattman, I think I asked you this before, did you put you MagnaPacks on with the stock H-pipe before you got the X. I was wondering if that Combo would drone and sound annoying? Other then drone i've herd good things about the packs, and I believe the stock H and Packs are loud right?
  10. yeah they drone
  11. :mad:
  12. Wasn't much fun having to babysit in it.....
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