03 Mach 1

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  1. Well its been awhile since I have posted here, I just finished a 04 Marauder, and I installed a 03 Cobra motor in it that, my friend Jim O’Neil massaged this for me, installing billet oil pump gears and trigger wheel he installed FR 500 cams better valves and springs, I added a Vortech JT trim with a 2.78 pulley, 50 pound injectors and I finished that last week and took it to NC to meet my friend Jerry Wroblewski, from Superchips Custom tuning, we also took a 03 Mach 1 down there I just finished for Andy Shaw Ford, The marauder made 510 RWHP and at 12 PSI the six rib was slipping, darn the bad luck, I am now converting that to a 8 rib setup. So then we strapped down the Mach 1 the first pull it made 436 and spiked lean at 5k, so this car has the 03 Cobra tank and twin pumps I could not see what was wrong but as always Jerry was right it was a bad pump. Today Lonnie Steve and I finished it here on my Dyno.
    The car is brand new. I installed a Vortech S Trim with after cooler with an AFPP Cobra tank and pumps.


    Here is a shot of the engine compartment.



    This car has a Mach 1000 stereo I did not want to butcher the trunk for the battery relocation kit. So I installed the coolant reservoir in the left front fender well.


    With the inner fender well liner in place it cannot be seen at all.
    Now after changing the Twin Cobra pump assembly out, we strapped the car on the Dyno. For our first pull to 5k to make sure we had enough fuel on the second pull the car made. 455.6 RWHP and 408.9RWTQ with an 11.0/11.5 AF, I feel this is a bit much so I pulled three degrees of timing and the next pull it made 465.4 RWHP and 441.4 RWTQ. So I pulled three degrees more, and the car made a finale number of 471 RWHP and 411 RWTQ with a total of 14 degrees timing this is as much as I have seen on a stock motor, the car has LTH and X pipe.

    Tomorrow I am going to add 5% to 8% more fuel putting the AF in low 11’s Hopefully bringing the RWHP closer to reality.