03 mach1 or 05 GT..help!

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  1. Funny thing today. Went to look at a 2005 GT in black with 10k miles. on the way back I found a 03 Mach 1 in screaming yellow with black stripes.

    Originally I was partial to the 05 and later but the 03 is nice too. took both for a ride. My kids think it's bumblebee from transformers.

    Now I am confused.

    The 03 is at a dealer asking 15900k.

    The GT is private party asking 17.5k

    Now I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
  2. Both are a great choice. Do some research, look at pics and figure out what you want out of the car. As far as comfort and driveability I think the 05+ are a little more updated and refined but performance wise they are both about the same and pretty solid.
  3. well its going to be my weekend car which I will keep for a long time. Not too concerned with comfort.
  4. IMO, get the Black 05. I almost bought a Grabber Orange 07 that could shoot flame out the back. The orange one would have been fun for a month or so, but the white one i bought will stand up better with my famlies lifestyle over time. My plan is to hold onto it for as long as possible or until some unforseen reason. Mine sits in a garage and only comes out on sunny days also.
    Good Luck
  5. They are fairly close to each other performance wise. The '05 will be more comfortable over the long haul. Both are great cars, but I had a '00 GT and it pales in comparison to my '06:nice:
  6. I've owned both, so hear me out. I bought an '03 Mach 1 brand new. Traded it after 3 years & 30K miles for my '07 GT Coupe.

    Both are great cars, but very different in character. The Mach 1 was raw muscle. You feel how fast you're going as the chassis is a bit outdated. It's a smaller, more nimble car. Faster than an S197 (stock vs stock) by a small margin. It's very engaging and feels like a rough & tumble muscle car like the good old days. The brakes & handling of the Mach 1 are much better than the newer GT's.

    The S197 GT's ('05+) are much more refined. Better chassis, smoother riding, better insulated. You don't feel the speed as much, and are more comfortable in a bigger car. They are deceptive in that while they're fast, they don't really feel fast, so it's kind of a numb perception of what's happening. The stock brakes suck and the narrower 235mm width tires don't hold the road as well (especially the stock 17" Pirellis - the 18" BFG's are decent).

    Of, course, start modding either car and they both are monsters (in a good way). My '07 will eat my Mach 1 up in a race now, and feels like quite the musclecar (it runs the 1/4 mile in the 12.30's @ 111+ mph), but it took mods to get it to that level of raw performance. Still more comfortable than the Mach 1 ever was, but the Mach 1 wasn't uncomfortable - just less comfortable.

    The 03/04 Mach 1 is my personal favorite SN95 Mustang. Wish I could have kept it along with the '07 GT, but the newer GT's are definitely great cars, as well.

    Buy either and you'll have made a great choice!
  7. I agree with the above. You can't go wrong with either car.
  8. I owned an 04 Mach 1, and now own a 06 Roush Stage 1 ( a pretty GT)...

    I will agree with Five Oh as well. The Mach is Raw... it feels liek its fast, and seeing that shaker "shake" will keep you away from a need for Viagra.

    The pricing of the 04-03 Mach seems to be low... as in you can get one for justa bit more than a GT, and what you get is a DOHC motor that feels like its got a crapload of torque and pulls like a beast at the top end. Plus, its not just another GT. If you are planning on keeping it for a long time and not planning on a bunch of Mods I think the fun factor is a bit higher on the Mach plus one day the pricing might reflect that its a limited production.

    The GT on the other hand is a great car out of the box. Its definitely a "tighter" car than the Mach, but that does not seem what you are looking for. My 06 is pretty much stock and I am suprised at how smooth it is.... although I kinda prefer the Raw feel. I still prefer the feel of the old 5.0L.

    If you are planning on mods in the future I would probably opt for the GT. Either way you cant go wrong. By the way, the pricing on the Mach is high. Look around and you will find a better deal. Of course it all depends on the condition of the car, miles, mods, etc.

    Good luck and either way.. HAVE FUN!!!!
  9. I was picking up my kid from daycare and another kid was excited pointing at my car calling it bumblebee to, it was funny.