Roush ~03 Saleen~Got My Parts On And WOW!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 00-Saleen, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Accufab 75MM TB
    Lightning 90 MM MAF
    SVT Focus Fuel Pump
    FRPP 42# Injectors
    NGK Tr'6's gapped at .038
    Xcal2 Custom tune from Mike at Kemperformance

    Sunday I started up the car and it was idling ruff, and driving terrible. The next day I was looking under the hood and i forgot to Plug in the 8th coil pack wire so the car was running on 7 Cylinders the day before. Now that it is actually running on all 8 Cylinders, the car is running Awesome very smooth and very strong. Just from the Tune, Inj, Maf, Tb, Pump, and Plugs the car has alot more power. The pulley should be here this week and the Heat exchanger is getting some brackets welded on so that the fans have something to mount to. I plan to dyno as is right now (no pulley) and then on the dyno put on the smaller pulley and see the changes. All in all very happy Mike at KemPerformance so far has done a great job. Cant wait for the pulley, and the Dyno . I Suggest Every 03-04 Supercharged Saleen Owner does the same excat mods that i have done because my car is fast as F*** Right now, and i have had no problems with anything. :banana:

    Dyno Numbers Real soon

    P.S. Picking up a Used T-56 with Driveshaft Sunday for 1500$
  2. Wow.

    That sounds great. Get us some dyno numbers when you get them.
  3. When will you go to dyno ?
  4. come on folks challenge me went 11.9 at 114.8 with stock exhaust except high flow cats. Mikes real fast too but automatics are faster under boost. your car should run real good.

  5. Should have an appointment next week. My two Buddys need to dyno there 03 cobras, so im waiting for them. I need to get this heat exchanger in first or im gonna have massive heat soak.
  6. Sweet man congrats, I LOVE Saleens.

    Got any pics!?!

  7. I'll take that challenge.

    My S351 stock, only performance mod is powerepipe and real tune.

    If your challenge for a modular guy, don't worry, I'll understand. :D
  8. Reichard is finally making six-rib pulleys?

    Nevermind, you have the Series IV. I don't think he has made Series I/II pullies yet.

  9. Yes he has actually. Series 1-4. Its says so on

    I bought mine Through
  10. Still waiting for my pulley.....Tmmrw im picking up a t-56 6speed as well.
  11. Please post up some dyno results soon. Very curious to see what this combo does. By the way, nice deal you found on that T-56 and driveshaft!
  12. Scheduled to Dyno on thursday.
  13. Good luck...did you get your pulley in?
  14. Well i ordered it from Need for speed in Tumwater,Florida and as you all know the Hurricane is down there. SO i still dont have it yet.