03 TR 10th Anv. Pics --- New Guy

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  1. Hi All,

    I just picked up a TR 10th Anv. Coupe yesterday. Great car, I've only 104 mi so far so I'm still getting used to her but so far I really like it. This is my first Ford purchase ever, I've worked for DaimlerChrysler for 10 years and have always taken advantage of my employee discount. I've recently switched careers and my new employer offers X Plan discounts for it's employees so I thought I'd broaden my horizons.


  2. Nice...Lets see the snake pit :)
  3. Good eye but the Snake Pit is for a different snake actually...

  4. Just took a quick pic of the pit from the inside. Not the best pic but the snakes seem to like it.

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  5. Very nice. I envy you :D Very nice snakes. I wish the anniverary wheels were chrome though, oh well ;)
  6. Congrats -- I also picked up my 10th Anniv. coupe yesterday -- only difference is she is black. Already falling in love with her. I don't have a Viper in my other garage spot either, I've got a Cobra roadster I built 2 years ago with a 460 crate 535 HP monster in her! Just too short of a season with my roadster! Need to have some nice weekend wheels between late October and late April!

    This car is so easy to drive compared to my roadster. Both are awesome and both require respect, but from entirely different perspectives!

    Good luck! I hope you're as happy as I am!
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, I too would like the Anniversary wheels in chrome.

    Cobra roadster is an excellent choice for a 2nd ride!!! I think they are really cool, after all they are the inspiration that lead to the Viper!
  8. Awesome cars. :hail2:

    You just bought the same car that I own. And you also have my dream car. I love those rims on the Viper.

    Viper GTS :drool:
  9. Beautiful Cobra, beautiful GTS! :nice:
  10. Beautiful cars and beautiful home! :drool:
  11. Thanks for the replies guys!!! Gotta laugh at the drool emoticon, that's some funny *****!

    Getting used to the Cobra now, loving every second of driving it. So far I don't have the stall issue, or clunking or...etc....etc....
  12. Nice :nice:

    That's the only part of a house I would need...those garages! Wow!
  13. tight!!!!!!
  14. I just can't get past the two-tone interior in the Anniversary cars. :rolleyes:

    I'm curious, how does the Cobra stack up against the GTS in seat of the pants performance?
  15. The Viper is modded with all of the usual goodies, so as of now the Cobra which is stock isn't as fast. However, the Cobra will get all kinds of go fast parts between now and spring so they will be comparable in straight line performance.

    I didn't like the red inserts in the seats either when I looked at pictures in magazines, but when I seen them in person I thought they looked really great!