Electrical '03 V6 5sp With Alternator Or Voltage Regulator Probs

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by ElvisFrisbee, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. '03, v6, 5sp. appr 132K miles. single owner - bought it new in november of '02.

    trouble description:

    3 separate times, when idling, the voltage meter has pegged at the bottom end and the engine runs extremely rough. the first time this happened, i was able to jump it off and go to a gas station. i idled at the pump for a moment, and it ran so rough it died. jumped it off again (and both jumps were easy and immediate cranking). pulled onto the 4-lane, keeping it reved pretty high, and drove 80 for about an hour. saw the voltage meter staying in the center where it belongs. stopped at a kelly's, and had the battery and the alternator tested - both tested good, but dude buddy said the alternator "has a slightly low output."

    the next time was several weeks later - again, while idling at a traffic light. i felt it idling rough, looked at the voltage meter, and it had pegged at the bottom. i was able to rev it quite a bit, get out of the intersection, and into a parking lot where i really punched it while in neutral - i felt a surge, and saw the voltage meter go dead center again. we were 3 hours from home, but headed on that way with no more problems.

    again, several weeks later - idling at a stop sign, i felt it running rough, saw the meter had bottomed out, and was able again to rev it high, and get on the move. about a quarter mile down the road, i felt it kick in again, and saw the meter jump up.

    my question - is it the alternator? or, is there a voltage regulator that i can replace first? maybe the bigger question - if i replace the alternator, does that include the voltage regulator?
  2. My alternator made a few intermittent problems like that, and then it died. The regulator is built-in to it.