'04, '05-'06 GT - deciding between the two.

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  1. Ok, I'm actually thinking about an '06 V6 as well (just wanted to throw that in there before I get started).

    I'm looking to trade my Mazda6 for a Mustang. I just want to get back into one. I've considered the GTO, but it's just not as good looking to me even though I think it is better-built. Plus it has a 6 speed manual.

    In terms of money, the '04 GT with <20k miles isn't that hard to find. I can find those in my area around $20k.

    I can also find a couple '05 GTs for $24,500. They have around 15k-20k on them.

    I know that's not a bad deal for the '05, but I want to keep my payments as low as possible. I'm already going to be stretching it out over 6 years. :(

    Besides the body and HP, is there much else that I would be completely missing out on if I didn't go with an '05? Ultimately I'd love to find a Mach1 or Cobra, but they are as high as a slightly used '05 GT so I'd be in the same boat. With a couple mods I can put the '04 GT at 300 flywheel HP if I want.

    The main thing is I'm looking for a sporty car to drive with a manual. I had an '03 GT auto, and I liked it a lot. Then I made the mistake of thinking "gas mileage is better" and traded it for a Mazda6. The Mazda has everything I like, but the power. I'd rather have the power and fun back in my drive. The Mazda will sure hug the road, but it won't take off worth anything. It's the i4 btw.

    So there you have it. My choices based on what I want to pay a month are the '04 GT and the '06 V6. My choices if I can stretch it include an '05 used GT. What is everyone's opinions on what would be best and why?

    Thanks! :flag:
  2. If ur considering a v6 06 u might as well get a new one. they start just under 20k. :)
  3. Yeah, that's what I'd do if I go that route. Thanks. :D
  4. don't make the same mistake again,, if u want the GT get it there is no point in getting the v6 and then regretting it,, (im not dissing the v6) like u did with the mazda and then u would have to sell the 6 to get the GT
  5. 199,

    The '04 or the '05 GT? :D
  6. I'd get the used 05. I mean styling aside it's just a much much better platform. Even if you go the V-6 route you'll like it. I rented a 05 V6 Vert in Vegas this past winter and it was pretty peppy and still a nice car.
  7. Choices

    If it were me, I'd go with an '06/'06 GT in a heartbeat. I believe the S197 is a far better platform. You'd be getting a lot of the newest technology, like the 3 valve heads, bigger, better brakes and FAR superior suspension. Just my $.02 worth.
  8. Defintely the '05-'06. No question it's the superior car. Drive one, you'll be sold.
  9. Go with an 05 or 06, there simply is no comparison between the new Stang and the 04 & earlier models.

    Don't know how it is where you are, but the dealers near me now have large inventory of 06 Stangs, including GTs. With the 07s already in production Ford is going to have to offer incentives on the 06s to clear them out.
  10. x2 gotta go with the new GTs
  11. I've had a lot of Mustangs... I really really liked my 2001 GT, but given a choice between a 99-04 GT and a 2006 V6, I'd take the 2006 V6, no question. Drive both, and I think you might come to the same decision.

    There are a lot of mods coming out for the 2005/6 V6... so if the budget doesnt allow the 2005/6 GT, you can always buy the 2006 v6 and mod it as money allows, then you'll have some fun power, and you'll have the great newer, better Mustang platform as well.

    Just my 2 cents...
  12. 2004 GT. Given a choice between a new V6 and an '04 GT, the V-8 wins hands down.
    I was looking at getting a new '06 GT but the price was a little higher than I wanted to pay.
    Luckily, an '04 Mach 1 showed up. Paid $21k for it and am having a blast with it.
  13. A Mach1 is a different situation than a GT... the engine's the star in that car! Becomes a little more difficult choice.
  14. Very true, but the '99-'04 GTs are no slouch either.
  15. I had a 2003 Mach 1 and loved it. I now have a 2005 Mustang V6. I would love to have a GT but the V6 is what I have.
    The V6 is a better car than the Mach 1. Not as fast, but the technology is much better.
  16. This is a tough decision!

    I see more for the 05-06 GT than anything. I've driven one for a couple days (used one a dealer had) and it had been kind of beaten on I think. The clutch was very catchy. I drive a new 06 GT and the clutch was much more forgiving. If I could get anything I'd get that one I drove, but it is just too much money!

    I know what the 03-04 Stangs are like as I owned one. I didn't think the suspension was that bad in them really. Plus, I might do some upgrading there if I save money with lower payments a month. On the other hand, buy an 06 GT and everything is already done. It's like paying a few thousand for suspension and engine mods in monthly payments for a looooong time though so that is a down side.

    Whatever I get I want to keep it for a long time as I'm tired of not making the right decision with cars. Whatever I get I want it to have power, good looks and be fun to drive. I know the 04, 05 and 06 all have that. The one I'm not convinced on is the V6 new model. I wasn't impressed with the 99-04 V6 stangs stock at all. Then again I drove an auto. A 4.0 210hp engine might be more of a torque machine.

    I haven't been able to get my hands on a test drive for a V6 manual trans. I feel like that's one thing that isn't helping the indecision. There's plenty of autos around, but hardly any manuals of that type. I could get one of those for $20 OTD probably, as I don't care for a lot of "stuff" on my cars to make them comfortable. I like power more than comfort even for a daily driver. Some level of comfort is needed, but almost anything like that has good enough at the lowest levels.

    I've also considered a used GTO. I think they are more well-built than a Mustang, but it's hard to get over their looks. :nonono:

    Priority #1 is something I really want to keep and be in for the next 6 years.
    Priority #2 is how much I need to spend on it. Honestly I should keep it under $400 a month if at all possible, which really leads me to an '04 GT or an 05-06 used V6. I've got too much negative equity in the Mazda6 unfortunately since I just got it a few months ago. I'm glad I like almost everything about it enough that I can drive it a while and be fairly happy for a bit. I'm trying to wait as much as I can, but it's getting increasingly more difficult. :D

    If I could find a Mach 1 for $20k with <20k miles, I'd be sold immediately. I've always liked those cars with their 4v engine and shaker. :D

    We'll see how it goes. I will definitely let you guys know what I do, and one way or another I'll be in here asking questions about how to modify something in no time, knowing myself.

    Anymore votes for one or the other? Thanks guys!
  17. 24K for a USED 05 ? I paid only 26K for my NEW 06 GT. And 20K for a used 04 doesn't sound like much of a deal either.
  18. I think one problem is I live in the south. Seems like there are more muscle car heads around here, maybe I'm wrong. It's probably because we can drive them 12 months out of the year (most of the time anyway).

    I'm finding some 04 models around $18.5 with under 20k miles, so that's not too bad I would say. What do you guys think?

    I'm leaning heavily towards the 04 GT at the moment because it's all I can afford and I'd really like to get back into a GT asap. :D In a dream world I could get the 06 GT. :( I just don't have the job for $500+ payments a month. I could maybe swing $450 but to me that's still just too high.

    Sub $400 is much much better! I can get an 06 V6 for that too, but I'm hesitating over the power loss I'd have to deal with plus the sound just isn't as good (my opinion) as the 04,05 or 06 GT.
  19. I have a V6 and I love it. I loved it stock, loved it modded, and love it with a turbo. It now performs and sounds exactly like I want it to (although I may up the boost next year) for a price I could live with. I have a manual, and it was fun to drive stock, but I drove crap cars before that, so the 210 HP was a step up for me, which is why I modded slowly to get used to the extra power. Now I have a turbo and I am loving the power and "throw you back in your seat" feel.

    A GT will give you that feeling immediately. I think that if you are going to keep this car for 6 years that you should go with the base (Deluxe) GT and then upgrade the interior and the like as money allows? You can buy leather seats, an IUP, a nicer stereo, bigger wheels and all that jazz down the road. And a base GT sells for about the price of a loaded V6 (around 25K). You could then spend the next 6 years making it exactly how you want.