'04 Automatic Transmission Question

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by newstangman, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Have an interesting noise (bang) with my '04. Cruising at 55 with accelerator maintaining 55 MPH speed and then stomping on accelerator produces a "bang" like a broken transmission mount. If I hit 55 and let off the accelerator and then punch it, it is quiet and just takes off. Had the engine and transmission mounts checked and all are tight and fine. I would think it would bang in the second scenario; not the first. Very strange. Any ideas???
  2. Check the driveshaft?
  3. Yes, and also checked the universal joints, rear sway bar and total under carrage. Car has under 5,000 miles on it - seems very strange. I can replicate bang over and over at 55 MPH.
  4. '04?
    One solution--find a trusted dealer (yeah, I know) and fix it under WARRANTY! :nice:
  5. werent there problems with the 04's tranny's? or was that just the manuals?
  6. newstangman:

    Ease up on those WOT 4-3 downshifts and 3-4 shifts or the OD band is going to burn up.

    The bang you hear might be the torque converter unlocking. Can't say for sure unless you datalog and find out what the transmission is doing during the two different shift events (cruise then WOT, decel (no gas) then WOT). Do you know anyone who has an Xcal2 and a laptop? If so, you can log the transmission activities and pinpoint the cause of the 'bang'.

    Sorry that this is not too helpful!

  7. buy the kit on e-bay its called a shift kit but dont make it shift harder,it keeps them from destroying the second roller in the tranny
  8. I had the same thing. It sounds like a clunking noise. I took it to Ford a few times and finally got the shop foreman to ride along with me in my car. He then contacted Ford engineering to ask about it. He was told that it was the transmission engaging again. At light throttle, if you lift up on the pedal, it goes into cruise mode. Stomping it locks the converter again. Unfortunately, it makes a scary noise.

    I eventually got a Predator and firmed up the shifts. I never heard that clunk again.
  9. Thanks for the responses! No, I don't stomp on it often. Was just concerned when I heard this noise. Thanks again!