'04 Cobra Convertible or '06 GT Convertible?

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  1. so i'm all excited to order my 2006 GT Convertible (just waiting for the order guide to arrive...) and my neighbor drives up in a 2004 SVT Cobra Convertible... the sound is tremendous as it comes and goes...

    has anyone had thoughts of a like-new Cobra Convertible vs. a 2005-2006 GT Convertible? I like the looks and the new rigid chassis of the 05-06 Mustang but the power and limited production of the SVT Cobra has me thinking... they are about the same price (2004's are trading for just over 30K).

    Look at this one... the price is a bit high, however:


    What are your thoughts???? :shrug:
  2. This is all depending... if you want a new car then 06 is your choice.. but if don't mind the age then the 04 cobra would be the way to go i mean the power is insane and the supercharger is just so easy to play with... Its all in your hands :banana: GoodLuck
  3. I had been having the same thoughts, but ultimately I am going to grit my teeth and wait for the 07 Shelby and try my best to get one...
  4. If you like the 05/06 look and are willing to "settle" for 300hp, I'd go with the new one. The car has a lot of power and if you want more, just invest in some mods. As for the 07 GT500, it doesn't sound like there will be a vert available.
  5. seriously... i own an 05 GT, the power is great. but WOW that cobra is unbelievable, probally THE best looking one i've seen(besides the 06/07 of course). If you want the crazy power and supercharger thats covered under warranty, go with the cobra. if you want alot of power with great looks go with the 05, just remember where you are posting and what kind of responses your goin to get.
  6. I have an 05 redfire gt vert on order, but I would definitely consider that cobra except for my height-I'm 6'5", and I know I don't fit.

    One thing that concerns me about the 05 is all of the first year defects which you wouldn't have to worry about w/ the cobra. And the cobra has the IRS right? That'a a nice option you can't have on the 05 stang or on the 06 shelby. I would think that the 04 cobra would certainly hold its value better than an 05-fewer cars=higher resale.
  7. Hard choices

    I was confronted with this difficult decision back in Sept of '04.

    The new '05 stangs were just about to hit the roads. There were just a few '04 Cobras left at the dealerships. If I knew there would have been an '05 Mach 1 or something similiar available I may have waited.

    I could not resist the Torch Red SVT Cobra I was able to get new for 31k. (x-plan & SVT rebate)

    I still can't help admiring the '05 styling. It reminds me of the 3 '67s I have owned. (still have the '67 vert)

    When I start to feel envious, I just hit the gas pedal, and I start to feel better! This will work at least until '08 when we start to see the Shelbys on the street.

  8. had my dealer wanted to sell their last cobra vert two months earlier than they did, i would be driving it now. i made an offer on it, but they refused. two months later they sold it for what i offered. i bought the 05 gt, and dont have any regrats. its a great car, just not the terminator.
  9. Totally different cars. The '06 GT is good for every day driving, but the Cobra has a pretty stiff clutch. For a toy car, it would be hard to beat the Cobra.

    Also, depends on what you like as far as looks. They don't look anything alike either.
  10. If it were coupes I would say get the SVT. You asked about 'verts. I test drove 3-4 Cobra verts and the felt like the rear of the car wasn't following the front half the time. Tremendous cowl shake. I went with an '06. Much tighter and while slower it's better for everyday driving. Lighter clutch, better egros, and all around more comfortalbe. Oh yeah, I didn't care for the IRS in the Cobra.
  11. 1meanZ sums it up pretty well.

    Go with with the 06 GT, especially if it will be a daily driver.

    If you need to go faster you can always bolt a S/C onto it.
  12. yeah i actually was faced with the same dilema back about 4-6months ago.. they told me my Gt wasnt going to be in for another 6+ months or some bull**** and they had a 2004 cobra coupe with 6200 miles on it for under 30k, and basically i was drooling. As you can tell i went with a 06 GT that fell through an order that day. I am Perrrfectly content with my 06 gt but being a 16 year old driving a cobra would be alittle bit on the ludacris side for both respsonisbility and insurance. so you may be in a different boat than i am but the space in the new mustangs was a big selling point difference. an extra 5 inches.. that and Z plan pricing only applys to new vehicles :) haha god bless ford
  14. Another one suckered into an old dead thread. The guy probably went out and bought a Honda Civic.
  15. Choice

    I'd go with the '06. The technology is much better, stiffer body, better brakes, new 3V head and totally redesigned rear suspension that some say is better than the Cobra IRS. Yhe retro look is fantastic. I had a 2000 GT 'vert, and while I loved it, my new '06 is light years ahead. It's your money, and you should get what YOU want. Just my $.02 worth.
  16. Cobra:

    Better engine, tranny, interior, power.

    05+ GT:

    Better chasis and exterior.

    Brakes are great on both. The TR3650 is a weak tranny for any power much over 300 RWHP. The Better chasis would be weak if the GT had 360+ RWHP like the Cobra so don't fool yourself you'd have to mod it.

    I'd wait for an LE car around the new body style and get the best of both worlds. I choose the Mach over both and wouldn't trade for either. I love the style of looking over the raised hood and shaker, I test drove an 05 and just wasn't impressed but love the style. JMO.
  17. i dont believe this to be a true statement. many people have put down far better numbers than that and do not have a problem with the chassis. the vert is supposed to be as rigid as a full caged fox. :eek:
  18. I should have said suspension would have to be upgraded along with the tranny and more than likely the rear end although at least the axles are forged.