04 Cobra Diff Cover Ripped Apart

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  1. How common is it for the 03-04 Cobra diff covers to rip apart?? It happen to my friends 04 Cobra with 1800 miles. If it has happened to you or someone you know did Ford replace it under warranty?? His only mod is exhaust.
  2. When you say "ripped apart" what exactly do you mean? Did it look like this:

    The differential cover is one of the weak points in the rear end and many 03/04 Cobra owners have blown a hole right through the cover! This happens when heavy torque is transferred through the torque brace which mounts to the differential cover itself. The stock cover is brittle so it ends up breaking. To prevent this you can get one of MJ's (Billetflow) differential girdles which will prevent this from happening in the future.



    P.S. Since the car has only 1800 miles and the only mods are exhaust I would have Ford come get it and replace the cover under warranty. Then go out and buy and install the brace!

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  3. Thanks for the quick response. The diff ripped apart exactly like this

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    Ford is refusing to pass it under warranty :rolleyes: .
  4. On what grounds? That he was abusing the car in some way? What proof do they have? Rubber under the fenderwells? Certainly not because of the aftermarket exhaust!?


    P.S. If you can talk your buddy into it, try to get him to order the brace from Billetflow ($165). They carry the original part which is far superior while Steeda carries a cheap rip-off copy ($142.95)! I think it's better to reward the small buisness owner for their originality instead of lining Steeda's pocket for doing nothing more than making a cheap copy.

    Just my 2 cents...
  5. I ordered the Billetflow version. Steeda is only 1.5 hrs south of our company.

    Only thing is the Billetflow only comes in Black or Red. I ordered Black, but may have it ceramic coated when I send some other parts out to be done.
  6. With this Billetflow brace can he feel safe that this won't happen again ??? I don't get how Ford could sell a car known for "PERFORMANCE" with close to 400hp and then refuse warranty because they THINK he dropped the clutch amd caused damage. What a joke :nonono: . He's calling Ford customer service tomorrow. Let's hope they make a bit more sense than thier representative.
  7. Have him download some pictures from the press release when the '03 Cobra was first displayed to the public. Specifically the pictures of them (Ford) doing a big smokey burnout. Then ask the dealer again what exactly you did that would void the warranty! Either that or have them show you where in the owners manual it states that "dropping the clutch" will void warranty.

    As for whether adding the Billetflow brace will prevent this from happening in the future... I would say yes. Now he'll have to worry about snapping the half-shafts!

  8. No rear-end ripped apart, but I've got a driveline vibration - took it to the dealer and they replaced the driveshaft. No change. Have now ordered a new rear-end for the car. The folks at the dealership are well aware that I've "toyed" a bit, but nobody's giving me a hassle. Just the opposite - they can't wait to make me happy. Sounds like you just crossed paths with someone looking to make himself feel almighty by giving you a hard time. Based on all the research I've done it should DEFINITELY be covered under warranty.
  9. I went through that same process when my snake was new. They replaced the whole IRS and driveshaft too! Still has a minor vibration above 100.

  10. Called Customer service today. They can't do a thing. It's not the dealer that refused it's the big cheese at Ford that came to see the car. I'm sure he'd win in small claims court, problem is taking a day off to go to court will cost more than the cost of the repair. This whole situation is so wrong. Ford :nonono: .
  11. That's [email protected]*t man. Can't believe they will not warranty. :notnice: Tell him his next mod should be the IRS brace for sure. :D
  12. So how common is this problem??? Does every Cobra owner damage one sooner or later???? Thanks again for all the info :nice: .
  13. It is not real common on a bone stock Cobra, but it happens enough that companies make a special brace to prevent it from happening. :shrug:

    All it takes is for some really good traction and a buttload of torque, WHAM!

  14. If Ford didn't cover this under warrently, I'm talking law suit. I have a friend with an 03 and he had a cam chain break. They told him the whole engine had to be replaced and it cost him about $5k. They are in a pending suit as we speak.
  15. Some of us do not have the time nor the money to take Ford to court for a $75 cover.

  16. whooa...this is just scary. A near bone stock cobra and they will not cover it? Intresestingly enough if you look at the SVT Magazine...which I'm not sure if Ford sponsers it or not....if so they could be liable with the after market parts for sale in it....infering that it's ok....I mean you get the mag when you buy your car....so....you assume it's a Ford Mag...i.e. endorsed...and this mag comes to my house...and it has all these sections on modifying your car...and 3rd party parts in it.

    I think they are liable they have not excuses....and like UM said...if you lay a patch in the videos from FORD...what in the hell....threated Law Suit or talk to the head guy and ask for his attournys name.

    Then give him yours...
  17. How hard is it to put the girdle on? I mean it looks like a royal pain in the purple A$$. LOL
  18. it really isn' that bad.
    got to get the rear up high on stands, drop the pass side exhaust, which is the toughest part, then there is one bolt you need to jack the diff up and down to get it to start, no need to crack the case, follow the torque specs, button it back up and done.
  19. yeah

    I had almost every bolt on my rear diff cover come loose last season and it sprung a major leak. Some of the bolts could be hand tightened...thats how loose they got. I tightened it up before driving it again, but once the seal is broken it will continue to leak. Its just a silicone seal not a gasket.

    This season...same thing.. I had a slow leak and found one loose screw. I could see where all the silicone seal had been pushed to one side from the torque of launches.

    I RACE THE CAR EVERY WEEKEND.. I am sure that people who don't beat it up as much probably dont have as much of an issue with this.

    I just had JDM Engineering take down my rear and reseal the diff. I asked them to check everything out and they discovered thata number of the gears in my diff were breaking apart. There were little pieces of metal in my diff oil!!!

    So I went with the Eaton POsi they recommended and got the irs brace (girdle), also level 2 shafts and a pinion snubber (which is supposed to really eliminate wheel hop) also already had QA1s..

    I am pyched to get back to the track. The posi rear is awesome.. The car either takes off or spins both wheels...none of this one tire BS around turns either the car feels awesome when you floor it now...not like its band aided together..
  20. Well my friend is pretty upset about the whole thing and can't believe how delicate a rear end it is on such a powerful car. From being totally thrilled to finally purchase his Cobra vert brand new, he no longer has confidence in it's reliabilty or in Fords warranty. After 6 months of ownership, he will be selling it. I mentioned all the upgrades that are available for it but he's got a point when he says he doesn't believe he should have to spend money on upgrades just to be able to drive hard a basically bone stock car. Ford's lost him as a customer and quite a few of his friends will never ever consider buying a Ford again. All this for $100 in parts that it would have cost Ford. I've always dreamed of one day buying a Cobra but I think I'll pass as well. I don't think I'd be able to own a Cobra and have to drive it like a Focus :nonono: .