Expired 04 Cobra Front Seat Covers Blk On Blk

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by sorcrazy, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. I have a set of nice 18k mile seat covers. I verified with the prior owner of the car they came out of. I cant find a rear seat so I am going to sell. Great for any one that has a rear seat delete. You can use any 99-04 seat with TMI foam replacements or recover a set of rough 03-04 cobra/mach 1 seats to get that black on black look. These installed on seats are going for $1000 or more and TMI replacements with OEM material and cobra logo I believe are $1200 for covers only- no foam or seat.

    Location: Houston, TX

    $550 shipped

    $500 picked up

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  2. Just to let you know, in case you want to keep them:
    We are producing a "Upgrade Kit" for the 99-04 V6 and GT seats.
    As you pointed out above the front buckets on all of the 99-04 seats share the same frames and can easily be transformed into a cobra, bullitt, or mach 1
    The back seat however, has always been the issue - we're going to be offering a GT/V6 conversion for the rear seat.
    Essentially it will be the GT shape and fit w/ the Cobra inserts in the insert section.
    Soooooo your dilemma could be solved :)
  3. I have a cobra seat, just need covers or whole seat. I actually have a complete TMI blk on blk set but they are vinyl. I got lucky finding these and if I find a rear seat for a reasonable cost or covers I plan to keep and use own ones.

    You guys working on foam replacement for IUP headrest? Tons of tilt headrest, but not in the IUP shape. That would be a great item.

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  4. Sorry - no plans to manufacture that headrest currently. But I'll make sure it stays on the list of possibilities!
  5. $450 plus shipping.

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