04 cobra not fast enough

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  1. OK, here's the scenario....My brothers 01 cobra, mostly stock except for no mufflers and K&N...the rest of the exhaust is stock.....VS my 04, again, mostly stock. The race.....too damn close for me, several attempts. He hasn't beaten me, but is right next to me within a car length. My best ET based on my G-tech has been a 13.02 I've had good launches but something feels amiss. Traction control is always off and I've driven cobras for a few years now. Also got beat(just by a nose) by an SS today from a rolling start...very disappointing. Anybody have any hints?

    Anybody have good shift points that work well? I've tried to vary it.
  2. change out your pulley, go with an autologic chip have it tuned, go with a bassani mid-pipe and some 4.30's sure as hell wouldn't hurt. Exhaust is a given but gears and and a pulley change will really take you to the next level.
  3. stock vs stock you should be blowing the doors off your bros car with no problem and as far as loosing to an ss stock no f'ing way.
  4. yea i raced an 03 cobra in my 01....i was easily beaten...maybe learn to drive better?
  5. Double post, see below
  6. :shrug: A modded 6spd LS1 could beat a stock 03+ Cobra....they run mid-low 13's stock, so with a Lid, gears, full exhaust, and a good driver, I don't see why a healthy LS1 wouldn't be able to compete.

    ...your bro's car is probably a mid 13 second car, but street racing is a LOT different from the track. Headstarts can make or break the race. A 14 second car getting the jump on a sleeping 12 second car could beat it if it doesnt react fast enough. For instance, say the 14 second car floors it from a roll. The 12 second car realizes it, then downshifts, then takes off. Enough time has already passed that the 12 second car would have to be a low 11 second car just to catch back up. See what I mean?

    Anyways, I say set a date and take your Cobras to the dyno. You should be making ~60+rwhp more than him, so with ALL variables equal, you should be owning him. Maybe your car is running rich, or you have a problem somewhere.
  7. craig mack has pretty much addressed everything pretty accurately except I guessing you have close to 80 ponies on him. Typically an 01 should be around 270 ponies. I haven't heard of many 03+ which make less than 350??? Am I wrong???
  8. On a superflow dyno sae numbers at SLP my cobra (03) made 385rwhp and 398ft lbs bone stock!!!!!
  9. A stock SS wont beat a stock cobra thats what I said.
  10. BREAK IT IN!!! I've seen these cars gain power as the miles rack up.
  11. Trust me, I shift with the best, it's not my technique. I had an 01 that I got consistent 13.22's with. I'm going to take it to the dyno, from what I've seen posted, around 380 rwhp should be accurate. If not, it goes back to the dealer.
  12. maybe your cobra is jacked up. the guy i raced said his was bone stock except for the filter. and he didn't have much trouble beating me...so i'd think if you are such a good driver you would be able to walk any 01 N/A cobra out there..
  13. i have a 99 and i cant even keep up to 03s
    unless 04s have some horrible flaw then i doubt it
  14. dyno will tell all.... if its close to 375 rwhp.... then its either a better reaction time or better tires.... Goodyear Eagle F1 D3s.... are awesome, wet or dry. They are a bit slick cold... but a short agressive drive warms them right up to a sticky mess... no need to burn out.... post your numbers to this thread when you find out the dyno results.:)
  15. I just notices something - CAI upgrade. I have read that unless you get a tune from this upgrade, you could actually lose hp/tq... again though, the dyno will tell the story.
  16. Hmmm, I did the CAI homemade style. I ran some 4" tubing from the fog light intake strait to the snorkel. Maybe I'll take that off and see if I notice a difference, I definitely did not tune it afterwards. Thanks for the tip.
  17. I have to see or hear of this situation. Do a search on this site or if able, over at SVTPerformance.com for gains or losses with just a CAI. I doubt you will find a loss. Though when I first put my DC CAI on, no other mods, my car didn't feel a bit different. Theses CAI allow more fuel and sometimes lean out the air-fuel a bit, giving you more hp/tq.
  18. This actually isn't refered to a CAI upgrade, rather, more like a ram air kit... I don't think this gave you any loss...... although you would have done better with a real CAI upgrade, like the KandN FIPK II... 25 HP to the wheels... :nice:
  19. I added the magnaflow cat-back kit for the 99/04 cobras and k/n FIPK II system. I did both of these at the same time. The k/n FIPK II ads 25 HP to the rears as does the cat-back. So, in a nutshell, for $750 I added 50 RWHP... I don't have dino numbers yet, but I will soon....

    I CAN FEEL THIS UPGRADE - without a doubt! After 23k miles... I have learned how hard to shift this car without eating tires... and now, I have to learn all over again :)

    It is fun - the blower whine is a bit louder and the exhaust scares the hell out of anything around me :)
  20. I still haven't taken it to a real dyno yet, but something is definitley wrong. All I have to go off of right now is my G-tech....don't know if anyone else has used one but they are pretty accurate for ballpark numbers. Anyways, 2 weeks ago I did pulls with it and was averaging about 350hp, I did around 10 runs with it yesturday and the best I got was 300. I'm showing full stock boost but the supercharger isn't whining as loud as it used to, time to take her into the dealer before I throw on the exhaust.