04 Cobra or 05 GT

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  1. Carrollshelby, please stop with the $40,000 USD idiocy for an '05. That is NOT reality, it is your own little fantasy, so quit throwing that ridiculous number out everywhere you go. '05 GT's are easily obtained at $25K base, $30K loaded. Now, with that said...

    I think that we ALL were guilty of making excuses for, and turning a blind eye to, the shortcomings of the old, tired and outdated platform when it was all we had. Alot of people have not driven alot of different cars, and don't have a broad perspective when it comes to details like chassis and driving dynamics. Kinda like the first Mustang I drove when I was 15. It was a rusty rattly '69, but for all I knew, it was the best car in the world!!! I know better now, but '69 Mustangs are still my sentimental favorites. The Fox and derivative SN95's served us well, and Ford's engineers did an amazing job continuing to put lipstick on the pig and making it dance, but now that there's an all-new platform on the lot, it really really really amplifies the shortcomings of the cars we had held so dear to our hearts up to this point. I'm a horsepower addict, so I'm one of those who will likely hold out for the upcoming Cobra or Shelby or whatever the hell it will be version. But I wouldn't spend a dime on a leftover '04 anything, it'll depreciate like a rock and is just a one-trick-pony compared to the new cars. Going fast in a straight line isn't that tough, you can run 12's in a Pinto if you put your mind and hands to it. Your buddy would probably be happier spending a bit more TOTAL on an '05 GT and some mods, rather than going with the extinct Cobra. Not a slam against the outgoing car at all, just being realistic. Time and progress marches on....
  2. RICKS good reply so well stated. Talking about perspective, I havent driven many older mustangs or owned any, but I have driven an 04 Mach 1 and an 04 Cobra. I have also driven an 04 350z and an 04 RX8 so I have a good idea what they all feel like.I have been shopping for my first new car and I have done my homework, my 05 is on order!

    I think if anyone drove the 350z or RX8 and felt how a car should feel sitting in the drivers seat ( exterior looks aside, and I'm talking 5 or 6spd manuals), they would never be satisfied with any of the 04 mustangs regardless of how fast they went! The interior of the outgoing fox bodys, seating/pedals/sfiter/ergonomics were good for thier day but so far out of date. They just dont compare with any modern sports cars especially any of the imports.

    As for speed, that's going to be easy, if you want more just look at all the super chargers that were on cars at the SEMA show. There will be plenty of speed mods for this car just like the older ones, pick your price and your mod and go as fast as you want!
  3. Powerwise, get Cobra hands down, much more potential with built/boosted factory motor (if you've ever ridden or driven one you'll know what I'm talking about). If you care more about an up to date chassis and ammenities get the 05. Styling to me is a push, there are things about both that I like and dislike.

  4. Thanks for such a well literated reply, I agree whole hartedly! I too almost bought an 04 cobra (mystic), the deals were unbelievable, but as much as I love my sn95, the car is what it is, and needed an update! I'm a horse power junkie, I love muscle cars, but I think a lot of sn95 owners should go drive some other cars, some high priced, some low! Just so they can get a comparison of how other car companies have or haven't used technology! Now sure with a mustang your not supposed to be buying refinement, your buying a peace of american history, an average Joe's sports car, but with todays technology it shouldn't have to feel like it was built in the 70s. Mustangs are cool, fun, and now for 2005 more refined, there's nothing wrong with wanting an amercian 25,000 car that rides and handles like a 5 year old import can, we should expect this of our cars, go drive a new vette, you'll understand. I didn't buy the new cobra, but instead am waiting to get raped on a new cobra in 07 or whenever they say they'll come out. As for your recomendation of an 05 over an 04, good choice. Remember cars change, and we should expect them to change for the better, it's just called progress and we should lead, not follow. Just mt 2c :)

    jpjr, you obviously dont know quality when you see it,, and you dont know junk when you own it,,, guys try owning a few better cars than the pre 05,,,, the interiors are so uninspiring its unreal,, the convertible is a basketcase......and quality does not enter into the picture. the car is nuts and bolts bad, before the 05, and the early shelbys... facts are facts,,,
  6. i dont own an 05

    jpjr i have not purchased it.

  7. Your simply not making sense. How can you compare an 05 GT to a 350z when the looks have gotten AWAY from what a sleek aerodynamic sports car i suspposed to look like?? That's why many of us went for the '04!!

    In all honesy guys, lets get serious. No one buys these cars for how they handle. They are bought for two reasons:

    1. Looks
    2. Power

    It once again comes down to whether you like the old retro styling or not. I don't. Some do. Whichever is the case, make sure you mod it because all sports cars look bad from rear view mirrors, no matter how nice they ride :)
  8. my post was in jest anyway. the point is that people either like the retro look or don't. it's not about the cobra being junk or the GT being slow. these cars look so drastically different that you can barely compare the two IMO.
  9. well, i hate to get snotty, but be sure and drive your new GT down to my neighborhod to race the junky cobra. unless the nuts and bolts fly out of the car i think someone's gonna get :owned:
  10. jpjr owns an 04

    you own an 04 or slightly earlier and were offended.... its because you own junk and no one likes to own junk....i had a number of junk cars over the years that are worth a fortune today and are definately not worth it.....so you arent alone,,, some cars are superbly engineered others arent... one of the cars i owned was a 68 gtx 440,,, it prized now on barrett jackson and ebay etc,,, it was total crap,, it had drum brakes,, wouldnt stop worth a damn,,, it couldnt corner and it leaked in a car wash,,, and on and on,,,,, i just sold an e55 mercedes amg with the 469 horse engine,,,, the power and engineering were unreal,, yes , i know,, tons more money,,, but the point is that no matter how you look at it,, ford invested a lot of time, effort, money, into this new car,,, its far from perfect, but its one hell of a lot better than what came before,,,, now they just need to add some independent to the new cobra, and lots more power,,, and im there,,,,
  11. Not quite true. How can you explain all the Prelude, Miata, and RX owners out there?

    Handling is important to me, second to power but not not far behind.
  12. WOW, do you underestimate the intelligence and the standards of the Mustang enthusiast! If that's all that matters to you, your the big "sucker" that every auto manufacturer dreams of. Somebody with LOW LOW standards of design and engineering quality and execution. I can see the strategy meeting at Ford:

    "Hey fellas, forget about all this quality and driving dynamics and handling and chassis rigidity and steering response/feel and technology crap. We can sell this Jpjr, and all of his Mustang fan buddies, a total hunk of prehistoric crap as long as it "looks" good and goes like snot! This is going to be EASY!!"

    Apparantly, if cars were food, you would eat dog $hit on a daily basis if McDonalds could get it to smell and taste great.
  13. jpjr. my e55

    my e55 ran a 4.1 to sixty and 12.4 in the quarter,, not bad for a four door mercedes, quiet, smooth family car.,,,,
  14. I don't think calling the previous mustangs junk is fair. They did out sell the camaro and firebird combined 2 to 1. The mustangs were comparable if not better in the chasis department as a camaro and firebird of the same year. Why pour money in a new chasis when you are outselling the competition 2 to 1. Hind sight is 20/20 and comparing the old to the new, there is a huge difference and there should be. The mustang now has to compete with the GTO and Charger and the new Cobra is going to compete with the vette. Do you think it is a coincidence that the new platform mustang came out at about the same time as the GTO and the soon to be Charger? The anwser is no, Ford was winning the sales battle so why change. They must change now because of all the new products of other companies that are now competition.

    I own a 91 LX and wouldn't trade it for an 05 straight up because it is more than just a car. I built it with my hands on my time and I take pride in what I have accomplished. So to call all the previous cars junk is unfair and ignorant. The new mustang will sell great and 10 or 20 years from now there will be people saying that this car is outdated or is junk and they will be wrong too. The mustang was the first pony car and will be the last, none of them are junk in my eyes. Except for maybe the dark years from 74-78.

  15. Your sounding ignorant. And why so angry?

    1) Go read me the covers of this months major car magazines. Ya know, the magazines people buy when they are interested in a car?

    2) Tell ya what. I'll give you my car if you can point me to a majority, or even a few, major car magazines that previewed the Mustang along the lines of "Best handling car in its price range", "Best chassis for under 30k", "Most comfortable ride".. etc.

    3) Now, why don't you bet me that these magazines did not introduce the stang as "Most hp under 30k", or "Fastest 0-60 time under 30k", or "Sleek new styling and value hp".. etc.

    I rest my case. If you honestly think that chassis rigidity or handling is even close to looks, power, and price then tell me which stocks you own and I'll be sure to dump them.


    If you disagree, then fine with me. Of course, some calling the Cobra's junk shows what kind of intellegence were dealing with on this board.
  16. my M5 posted better times and is more comfortable. but I usually drive my Maybach to work. my Enzo is pretty nice too but you wouldn't like the bumpy ride that piece of junk.
  17. JpJr
    You're sounding ignorant.

    Your - denoting ownership.
    You're - a contaction of you are

    A keyboard is a dangerous thing when you're trying to sound intelligent.
  18. I made my choice. Cancelled my 05 GT order and picked up an 03 Cobra with 3k miles for $23.9k. Saved a few grand, and with only $495 invested since I bought it, I'm putting down almost 200 more horsepower than an 05 GT. It's all about what you want ... I still have my 95 GT, which feels sloooooooow compared to my Cobra, and even it's quite a bit faster than an 05 GT :).

    I say get a used Cobra now, not new, save some money, have a good time, and see what Ford does with the next Cobra in a year or so.

  19. Damn that's hard! i was going to put this on the message broard, but u put the ? in. so u somewhat made my decsition i would have to say 2005 mustang gt!!!
  20. JPJR

    the m5 was not as quick as the e55,,,, my friend owns the bmw dealership here, and was not happy that i didnt buy from him,,, road and track did a road test comparing the e55 to the audi rs6 which was close but edged out by the e. i dont think you own an enzo, if you knew these cars really , you would know the car you own is junk