'04 Cobra SVT Cold Air Intake

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  1. Your car sounds awsome U.M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Installed K&N FIPK and no check engine light

    After taking back the BBK CAI, I purchased and installed the K&N FIPK. I did ask K&N about it and they had not yet tested it on the '04. It did work without any problems and no check engine line :D . No Screen on the FIPK either, so the dealer was wrong about that being the problem. I did notice that the BBK CAI had smaller tubes going to the filter than stock and that 90 degree turn into the fender well can't be that great for airflow either. I really liked the BBK looks for the CAI, but it proved to be useless on my '04.

    Next, I have to install some chassis stiffening and a shifter. The wheel hop is killing me and I really hate the stock shifter. If I were to do a smaller pulley, I would have to get 315 tires to get it to hook. On stock tires it breaks pretty easy (but it was worse with the stock gear).

    Car looks and sounds great! Being a convertible, it is a bit of a sleeper.
    '04 Mystichrome Convertible
    BBK Long Tube Headers, X-Pipe and high flow cats
    Magnaflow Catbacks
    SCT Base Tune
    4.10 gear
    K&N FIPK

  3. Have any pics of this? Is it the CAI or RAI from JLT that is matched up with the K&N FIPK?
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  5. www.teamjdm.com

    They sell them there.
  6. Agreed that straight through CAI is better. Avoid the ones that go through the fender.

    I wouldn't even consider 4.10's unless you were running a 28" slick