04 cobra svt exhaust and headers

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by JD04, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Need some advise on what headers to buy for my 2004 Cobra SVT, looking at getting a flowmaster 3 chamber exhaust system and want to get shorty headers, any suggestions?
  2. I have bbk long tubes on mine due to price. Got the long tubes and the mid pipe for the price of shorties. Ok headers do not actually add a great performance increase because headers help by scavenging adjacent pipes. The pressure pulse pulls on the negative pressures on the adjacent pipes as it comes out of the pipe into the collector. There is no real flow increase. Now being we have superchargers the VE (Volumetric Efficiency) is mostly influenced by the boost we through at it. But headers give you a sound hard to match by any car anywhere. The biggest deciding factor in my opinion is going to be 1: PRICE 2:FITMENT 3:HOW YOU ARE GETTING THEM IN. The price and fitment seem to go hand in hand. Like i said mine were cheaper so there is a small bit of exhaust leak at the mid pipe and the header, also where the mid pipe goes into the muffler pipe. But not at the head and the header. But those leaks go away once it is warmed up. Getting them in is a trick. Either the motor comes up or the KMember comes down. On long tubes some rout around the starter spot on the bell housing making the engine coming up not an option because the tanny will have to stay on and will not allow it. If you try and force that engine up with the tranny on it there is a harness connector that is really big you are going to crush. Just remember if you go long tubes you will have to replace your clutch at some point and the pass side header will have to come off to do so. AKA K Member gets dropped for clutch job. WELCOME TO RACE CAR.

    Long story short I have the cheap long tubes. Went through the trouble of getting them in. They clear everything fine. Get ceramic coated. SO WORTH IT :)
  3. If you want shorty headers, your only choice is JBA. They are stainless steel, can be had with ceramic coating (I agree it's worth it), and are somewhat pricey, but I've not heard any complaints with them.