'04 Cobra vs. '04 Roush GT

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Newguy22, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. I'm torn between getting a new Cobra or new Roush. I love the power of the Cobra's, but i like the looks of the Roush a lot better (i guess its the sidepipes that i drool over :nice: ).

    Do you guys have any suggestions for me? Would it be the dumbest thing in the world to put the Roush body kit, from Roush Performance, on a Cobra?

    Thanks guys
  2. Drive a Cobra then your mind will be made up :) .
  3. Roush makes a Roush Cobra, Roush Mach 1- and a Roush 380R- all with great power and the best looks on the Mustang!
  4. I am assuming you are talking about a Roush Stage 2? The Cobra will have more power, but the Roush will be a far more rare "collector" vehicle and hold it's value better.

    I went through this same struggle last year and kind of wish I'd chose the Roush due to the resale value dropping on the '03s so badly.
  5. Yea, stupidest thing in the world. And no, they are not collector cars and they do not hold their value as well as the Cobra. Yeomans gave away his 03s last year with more than $8k off sticker.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I guess i'm not totally sure on the Roush models. Say i buy a Stage 2, can you go to say a Roush Dealer to upgrade to the Stage 3? Or would you have to do the upgrade yourself? Sorry for my lack of knowledge, thats why i came to you guys. :p

    I really want a Cobra, but i really like the looks of the Roush.....decisions decisions...

    So you think the Roush would be worth more in the long run?

    Thanks again

  7. I second that, have you even test driven one?? Basically its a gt w/ a bodykit or a 04/04 Cobra. you can always put a roush kit on a Cobra.

    The 03/04 Cobra will blow the doors off a Roush stage 2.
    Get the cobra
  8. Word. At the end of the day, the Roush is still just a GT. Go for the Cobra. MUCH BETTER Motor/Driveline, plus SVT is a much better name the Jack Roush when it comes to Mustangs in my book........GOOD LUCK!
  9. Just put sidepipes on a Cobra. Nothing is better than power.......
  10. Approximately 125 "true" serialized Roush Stage 2's are produced every year compared to the thousands of Cobras produced. I'd say they are pretty freaking rare, which makes them collector items.


    I see tons of Cobras running the roads, but I only see Roush Mustangs at car shows, never just running the streets... geez, I wonder why that is?

    The fact that some of you downplayed the Roush name and high performance is utterly ridiculous!!! Believe me, Jack Roush has been around long before SVT. I'm sure SVT takes notes from him.

    What's next... are you going to say SVT is more recognized than Carrol Shelby?

    Lastly, the Roush won't have these problems: the tick, the clunk, the pop, seat rubbing door, bad TOB's, squeaking steering, squeaky window, the stall, shall I go on...?
  11. Here is a used '02 for sale... for more than a new 04 Cobra would sell for... seems like they hold their value to me.

  12. Sorry buddy but that whole Roush/Saleen thing is so overplayed. The reason you dont see them on the street is b/c nobody wants to pay 35-40 grand just for a GT w/ a body kit. Even the supercharged Roush/Saleens would Get beat by the Cobra.

    You like what you like, and I'd get the Cobra w/ the extra Cash in my pocket and just put a bodykit on the Cobra if I wanted.

    Not trying to take away anything from the Roush and Saleens they are sweet cars, I would love to have one, but just for the price tag I would get the Cobra anyday.
  13. Yea, who am i kiddin, i know i would rather have more power than a little better looks. Don't get me wrong, they are both sweet, but i think i will have to go for a Cobra.

    Thanks guys
  14. You need to go to a dealership and test drive an 03/04 Cobra and your mind will be made up. Like I said there are always things that you can do to make an 03/04 Cobra look better. But their performance is outstanding!!
  15. First off, I own an '03 Sonic Blue Cobra... and I love it. But, hands down, to say the Roush Stage 2's aren't rare is bull*****. I agree, I can't see paying that for a GT... but they are very rare.

    Newguy, you'll love the Cobra, but get ready to know your Ford service rep. on a personal basis, because you will have your 03/04 in there all the freaking time. Do your research, the 03's and 04's have had well documented problems... what good is all this power when it sits in the Ford service area as much as I drive it on the street?

    One more thing, don't plan on modding it any if you want to keep the new mfg. warranty. Ford will void it if they feel like it depending on the mods.
  16. Maybe he needs to buy an 01 Cobra like you have?

    You surely have NOT felt the pain of the 03 and 04 owners that have had all these problems because you own an 01.
  17. What does that mean?

    Yall have pain b/c I own an 01, I'm lost :shrug:
  18. Well, you dont see the Roushs around because nobody wants to pay that much for a roushkateer mustang associated with the likes of: kurt busch, greg biffle, etc.

    And yes, Roush will have those problems because mustangs are mustangs, all out on the same Dearborn plant with crappy fit quality and the likes. I am proud to have a niche motor, hand built with some quality parts. It surely isnt an overpriced, cheap gt motor, comon, plastic intake, valve covers, wtf?
  19. Wow, that sucks for him since any one could have bought an 03 vert brand new for that price. then again, my neighbor got his brand new cobra for that price a week ago. Better looks, dohc, t56, heluva lot more power, and yes; a much better name with SVT. Roush may know nascar, but John Coletti(think i spelled that wrong) knows ford mustang. You should know, you say you own one.

  20. You say that like all terminator owners always have thier cars in for service all the time. I think that we just hear from the unlucky ones that have problems, not the many more (me included) that have had nothing but good times with thier cars.

    And as far as value, do you think the car in the link above is worth 33K? No way in hell. I could ask 38K for mine, don't mean it's worth it.

    You sound as if you don't like your own car. Not a slam, just an observation. :shrug: