04 Convert Gt Air Bag Code 33 (passenger Side Air Bag Circuit High Resistance Or Open)

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  1. Ok, what the hell is this. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  2. From the Ford service DVD pinpoint tests for the SRS system. As wiring and connections are called out, first rule out water and rodent activity. Tell us about any other work or events in this car's past.

    >>>From Ford Service DVD
    Pinpoint Test I: LFC 33/DTC B1933 — Passenger Air Bag Circuit Resistance High

    Normal Operation

    The restraints control module (RCM) monitors the resistance of the passenger air bag ignitor by measuring the resistance between pins 6 and 7. If the RCM detects high resistance between these pins, it will store a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) B1933 in memory and flash a lamp fault code (LFC) 33 (or higher priority code if one exists) on the air bag indicator.

    Possible Causes

    A passenger air bag high resistance can be caused by:

    • a poor connection or corrosion in the passenger air bag module circuits.
    • an open circuit or high resistance in the wiring harness.
    • an open circuit or high resistance in the passenger air bag module.
    • an RCM internal concern.
  3. This car is a rebuild hit in the front with airbag deploy. I replaced front clip and new airbags. Just cleared the code from the air bag module last night so we are good now. I think it was the old code from the accident. Thanks for your help.