04 GT auto vs 05 v6 auto

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  1. I think the the 05 v6 5 speed auto could give the 04 GT auto a run for its money. Anyone run the numbers yet on this comparison ?
  2. i agree it would be close....i think i remember an 04 GT auto tested 0-60 around 6 secs.... the 05 V6 is 7 secs..... so that's pretty close. Obviously the GT will beat it, but not by much. that 5-spd auto in the 05 is pretty aweseome. its a faster car than i expected.
  3. 1 second is alot at 60 mph and a crap load at 100mph

    i went 13.3 with my 01 Cobra against a 12.4 03 Cobra and it looked like a few buslengths
  4. C&D just tested a 05 Mutang V6 Auto - Feb 05 issue.

    They got 6.9 sec 0-60 and 15.3 Sec @ 91 MPH in the 1/4. They commented that it was not much slower than a 99-04 Mustang GT auto.
  5. thats because they ran a 15.1 in a GT, C&D is the laughing stock of car mags.

    .7-1.0 second difference is NOT giving a car a run for it's money. That's like me saying I am a threat to my friend's ls1 Camaro.
  6. Cool... Great to see ya back CJ... Thanks for the info from C&D :nice:

    With a good tune and some minor performance adjustments that little V6 could definitely give the 99-04 GTs a run.
  7. I know it doesn't qualify for the magazine race here, but my 99 GT auto was running 14.2's @97-98 back when it was stock.
  8. I've also witnessed a Bone Stock '02 GT Automatic run a 14.2.

    The difference between a 14.2 run and a 15.3 at the track is many, many carlenghts.
  9. Oh please, this is ridiculous. PLEASE stop reading these stupid magazines. :notnice:
  10. Ya i agree, magazines prove nothing especially considering they always seem to be slower than what the car is actually capable of. I mean there is a 13.35 documented here of a gt run (although the guy is a good driver) when they tested it at 13.8 if im not mistaken. Anyways, don't count on what magazines say