04 gt intake exhaust and 4.10s vs stock 05 gt 5spd

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  1. well i raced the 05 gt from a dead stop i beat him by two cars, than we raced froma 1st gear roll and got him by a car and half two cars... one run he got me but i gave him the jump because i jumped on one and left on the second honk, oops he got me by about a car on that one.. next time i want my friend to drive the 05 because hes an insane driver so it might be closer but the i think the outcome is aabout what i thaught. the 05 is beautiful!! thats what ii wanted but money made me go with the 04.. no dout faster than my car stock was.. what do u guys think
  2. at my local track stock 99-04 GT with exhaust are running 1 sec slower then stock 05 GT's
  3. I call BS,unless you raced an auto.
  4. Since the auto's have proven to be the same or faster than the manuals.
  5. Cracks me up :) Manuals always dogging the Auto's, when if fact, the manual, unless driven by a very experienced driver, is more times than not going to lose to the Auto in the quarter. By the time the manual hooks up, it is too late. They don't have the gearing and horsepower to make up what they lost at the start.
  6. Nice kill maxima. Like some of the other guys were saying, the '05s have been getting better times in the 1/4th then lightly modded SN95s, but that really doesn't mean that he should have beat you. It is still basically a driver's race and you got the win so congrats :flag: .

    In response to the whole auto vs. manual thing, I would actually guess that the '05 was a manual. If it was an auto then it would have been very hard for maxima to pull on him as much as he did. If it was a manual then, as I said before, it is a driver's race.

    You are right that more likely then not the auto will beat a manual. I don't get what you are saying about gearing and horsepower though (unless I misread it). The manuals have better gearing to begin with and also have been shown to dyno at higher numbers. I believe that the manuals will also beat the autos off the line from a dead stop (but I could be wrong about this :shrug: ). The autos make up for it since they are shifted by the computer and therefore leave little room for driver error. It is a moot point anyways since the differences between the performance in the auto and manual are so small.
  7. What I meant by the gearing and horsepower was a little vague, my bad. What I meant to say is something like this: although the manual has the advantage with the gears, the HP numbers are very close between the two. If the auto gets a jump on the manual b/c of more tire spin, the advantage with the gears and and close to the same hp is not going to be enough to catch what they lost at the start. Now, with that said, a manual with an excellent driver who has extensive experience with the 1/4 is not going to lose any significant time off the start. With a very experienced driver, I think the manual will win. With a not so experienced driver, I think the auto will win - just IMO. The two are very close, it is a drivers race.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up :nice: . I think you hit the nail on the head with that last post.
  9. Yeah sure keep dreaming guys,compare times, manuals have run 13.2-13.7 stock,the autos are slower. Just compare the trap speeds on the back half of the track. It takes a tuned auto to match a manual. You can think what ever you want in your little heads,but the autos are slower at the track,they average 98mph to the sticks 101. I have been watching the numbers since this car came out. Look at motortrend,they ran corrected numbers for the auto to claim the 13.6 at 99. They ran a 13.5 at 103.6 for the manual. Thing is most people can't drive a stick well,and any idiot can make a auto go down the track. But whatever helps you sleep at night,just keep thinkin it.
  10. Quote Motorhead6T5 "You can think what ever you want in your little heads .. " First of all, sounds like your just a lot insecure. One of the rules is not name calling - learn to read and comprehend.

    Second quote "I have been watching the numbers since this car came out. Look at motortrend,they ran corrected numbers for the auto to claim the 13.6 at 99 (forum members here have beat that). They ran a 13.5 at 103.6 for the manual." Look at your list of mods (blk/blk SCT Xcal,K&N,Steeda U/D's,SLP LM Axle back,BMR LCA's,BMR Adj. PH,Eibach proline springs) and you can't do 103.6. Sounds like you got beat by an Auto and you're trying to become a good driver. With those mods, you should be able to beat your quoted stock times.

    Third - If you don't have something positive or constructive to contribute to this thread, go sit on the toilet.

    Have a grand day. :)
  11. Hey dumb ass, I ran my times stock. :owned:

    Try again...
  12. You don't get it do you. You, sir, are a bonified loser.
  13. Your the one that can't handle the fact that autos are slower,sounds to me like you are the loser. Why don't you go run around and spread more BS to your unknowing buddies. It's not going to fly here.BTW what have you run in your car? :owned:
  14. If you READ my second post BEFORE you decided to be arshole with an attitude for no reason at all - I said "With a very experienced driver, I think the manual will win. With a not so experienced driver, I think the auto will win - just IMO. The two are very close, it is a drivers race." It goes to the "reading and comprehending" thing. I have been on this forum for a while now - it is people like you with your attitude that tend to give this forum a bad rep. Tone it down and try your best to be a grown up - I know you can do it as you have been here a while too.
  15. Breaks out the ban-o-matic

    Who wants to sling the next insult/personal attack?
  16. I want to see the stock 13.2 timeslip, and how many can you produce so that we know it isn't just a factory freak. Manuals free up more horsepower and stock to stock a manual with a good driver will win. If you're going for the absolute hole shot you want an auto. A modded automatic with a shift kit, to bad there are no shift kits for fords(well not to my knowledge), will be more consistent and faster than a modded manual in the 1/4. It's usually a drivers race by then, being that the auto driver only has to worry about getting traction, he's got it alot easier. When it comes to road racing, a manual is the best option being that you can slow the car down easier without touching the brakes and you have so much control of the car. Stock to stock it's all a driver's race.
  17. Although the autos in the '05s are a vast improvement over previous Mustang autos, they are not as fast as a manual. The much steeper drivetrain loss alone dictates that.

    And what do you mean "by the time the manual hooks up?" If you know how to drop the clutch, you can launch off the line. Yes, you can launch an auto by preloading or neutral starting (NOT RECCOMMENDED!!), but when it's stock for stock, the drivertrain loss will kill you. You can't get around it.

    I don't fault or make fun of anyone who owns an auto performance car. That's their preference. Maybe they like the more consistent times or how it's a little easier to drive it down the strip. Maybe they don't find shifting as fun as I do. That's perfectly fine. But when you start outright lying and saying that stock for stock the auto is just as fast or faster, you're going to draw fire. Just like some guy who slaps GT emblems all over his V6 or Cobra emblems all over his GT. People don't like it when you give false impressions or lie. Simple as that.
  18. This was a good debate until you started making childish remarks and calling people names. :notnice:
    I guess I will just have to keep dreaming of getting my car faster than a manual, oh wait did I mention my car was a manual?
  19. i didnt mean to start a fight lol.. anybody can win on a street race, im not saying my car is faster than a 05gt, its probably not, great driver 04gt vs 05 gt stock vs stock the 05 better win but it wouldnt dog it. remember i have only two power mods intake and catback, what does that add 8 hp to the wheels maybe and 4.10s im not 100% stock. so i dont know lol
  20. Good kill. I saw an 01 GT with your mods beat a stock 05 GT M5. Not that hard to believe at all. You have a similar power to weight ratio and significantly better gears.

    As for auto v manual, manual will be better from a roll...but auto will always be more consistent from a dig. No one can shift faster than an auto.