04 gt intake exhaust and 4.10s vs stock 05 gt 5spd

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  1. thanks brother.. the gears is what helped the car out alot, i love the 4.10s!!!
  2. Go look on the Corral site, there is at least 2 different 05 STOCK GT's with a manual running 13.2. I am not going to link those for you.
  3. Great 2, cool. Still doesn't mean every car will be running that stock. They're called factory freaks. Ever heard of the Auto 350z that did 13.6 completely stock? They're called factory freaks, unless your car has put up those times don't claim it's what our cars will run.
  4. I just when to the track last friday. It was my Mach 1 with my mods in sig; an 03 GT with 3.73's, full exhaust, pullies,CAI, preditor; 05 GT with CAI, preditor, pullies, and a bone stock 03 Mach 1. This is at 4100' elevation. My best was 13.5 on et streets, 03 GT 14.3, 05 GT 14.3, stock Mach 1 14.3. I can't remember their MPH, but it was funny. They all were talking smack to eachother, and ended up all running the same. They were all decent drivers. It just goes to show you, anything can happen at the track. Forum racing and mag racing is usless. Good win!
  5. There is more than those 2 JACK ASS, those 2 I know of right now that you can find if you searched, but no you decide to be a prick. I didn't claim they will run that but I do know that a Manual with a good driver will leave an 05 Auto behind. That I have proved.
  6. And there have been stock LS1 F-bodies that run 12.8's...clearly those are not factory freaks.

    13.2 is by far not even close to the normal, or even the normal for a good driver or *great* driver.
  7. I need to get a timer...but my auto 0-60 feels about 4 seconds flat no joke.
  8. Ws6 5.0
    Subaru STI 4.9
    Acura NSX 4.8
    BMW M5 4.8
    Corvette ZR-1 4.7
    Corvette Z06 4.5
    03 cobra 4.5
    Firarri F355 4.5
    911 Turbo 4.5
    SL55 AMG 4.4
    360 modena 4.4
    V12 Vanquish 4.4
    Viper RT/10 4.3
    2000 Diablo 4.3
    550 maranello 4.2
    Lotus Espirit V8 4.1
    911 GT3 4.0

    Not too bad :hail2: elite company there

    Change your name to Firarri Killer :cheers:
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong...

    Unless you tear apart an auto in order to get the tach lit up before taking off, you're going to be slower off the line. It's EASY to hook up an 05 manual GT if you don't wind it up too high before dropping the clutch. At most, if done correctly, you'll get a chirp or two on the line and from first to second. Unless, as said, you throw the auto from neutral into drive, or brake torque, you're going to have slight lag from idle on up.

    I'm hardly a pro, but quick shifts at the sweet spot isn't all that hard if you're familiar with the car. Screw power shifting...you just need to be quick and efficient. It's not at all difficult to drive a 5 speed very quickly if you're a capable driver.

    I don't see why a stock vs. stock 5 speed can't easily beat a stock auto with decent drivers. You don't need to be a professional racer to drive your car correctly.
  10. Do you know what a torque converter is? Do you know you can get aftermarket ones with a higher stall speed?

    BTW, autos shift in about .1-.001 (Depending on the auto) which is significantly faster than any manual tranny is. Why do you think all of the fastest drag cars are all autos?
  11. not tryin to be a jerk or anything but even if autos are faster than sticks( i highly doubt), I would still much rather have a stick. This is a performance car and I just dont see why anyone would want to get an automatic over a stick even if they think its a few ticks faster..... what about the fun to drive factor( manual)