Drivetrain 04 GT transmission woes

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  1. Hey guys

    I have a little transmission issue ( i think). Car is an 04 GT 5spd, 9,000 miles (yes 9,000).

    When the car is in 5th gear, and sometimes a little of 4th, there is a rattly sound that sounds something like a bad bearing. It is pretty bad when it is cold, and subsides a little when it is warm but is still very noticeable. its most noticeable while accelerating and decelerating, but still makes noise while at a constant speed. I've had the car for 2 years and got it with 2000 miles. I dont think it has changed much and has been doing this since then. It may have gotten slightly worse. Has anyone heard of similar problems with these cars? Car is bone stock, never abused.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If the engine rpms are too low for the gear you are in, it could make some clunking between acceleration and deceleration. What speed or rpm are you shifting into 4th and 5th at? Every manual transmission has a little clunk in it. that's my experience anyway.
  3. Its not the familair 'lug' sounds, its any rpm in 5th, and even a little of 4th.
  4. Did you check the output shaft bushing ?
  5. The tr3650 was known for notchy, grinding synchros in cold for 2nd and 3rd. For the 5 years I had my 2000 GT I probably had a squeaky throw out bearing for 3 of them. But I have yet to hear of a complaint of your type.

    More than likely after 2 years and 7,000 miles you've had the car if its always done it and its only "slightly" worse its probably a non issue. Once you notice a noise it's so much easier to hear it the second time. Perhaps change the fluid out if you haven't done so already.
  6. mine has made that sort of noise for 50k miles and hasnt failed yet
  7. I did not check the output shaft bushing. What all would this entail and how would it cause a noise like this? Sorry I'm new to all things transmission...

    I have been doing some research on the TR3650 today and have discovered the 'notchy' and sometimes grinding of this tranny is very common. Mine has the same feel and is also hard to get into reverse sometimes. Turns out a TSB was issued sometime in the past to lower the fill from 4 qt to 3.2 qt. I am going to try and get my fluid changed this week and see if that helps these symptoms. I wouldnt expect this would have an affect on the bearing noise I keep hearing though.

    Thanks for the responses guys
  8. usaf_branham... is yours only in 5th? worse when its cold? I posted this on another board as well and had a couple others say they had a similar issue but no actual failure or major problems because of it..
  9. Slide it in 1st then reverse. Goes in reverse like butter. Also, I used penz oil synchromesh. Helped out with the grinding / notchy feel considerably. 3.2 qts.
  10. Update: Changed the fluid today to ~3.2 qt of Mobil 1 synthetic, can't say I really noticed too much change (if any) in the notchy feeling.

    There is a video of the sound I am describing.
  11. If I'm hearing the correct sound the trans is going to have to come out.
  12. what does it sound like to you?