04 GTO v 04 GT

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  1. Who cares, tell us something we don't know

    BTW this is the SN197 forum as in the 05 Mustang forum. which would be alittle better of a race for you.
  2. we dont care, are cars look better... :D
  3. You guys need to be nicer. He is in our military stuck over on a foreign country protecting our freedom and spanking 05 GTs. Oops, did I sat that outloud???

    J/K boys . . .

    I was an 05 Roush in the video which we know is heavier then the standard 05GT. That still was a good race . . .
  4. bring his car to me and I will run against him..Heck, i'll even give him a head start...we'll see who wins
  5. what the hell was that :shrug:
  6. swap drivers then see what happens

  7. So am I, this desert heat is frying my brain

    Still, a post like that is a sure fire way to start a flame war. I remeber some of the GTo hatred threads over here. and that threat was a sure fire way to start another one

    I love the 05 GTOs but i prefer my stangs
  8. :nonono:
  9. Okay, typo in my original post.....

    05 Mustang GT versus an 04 GTO....

    Not talking crap just posting the video.

    BTW I ran another 05 that had exhaust, tune, and CAI. He ran 13.7's and I was running 13.6.
  10. i have seen a few 05 GTOs in the low 13s stock same for the 05 Mutangs. The track prep there is said to be non-existant plus it's uphill i heard.

    I also think both cars would benifit from the Driver mod
  11. I was driving an automatic, other drive had a manual.

    And whenever someone says they have seen 05 GT's in the mid to low 13's stock I just say I have seen the same of 04 GTO's as well as seeing 05 GTO's in the upper 12's.

    All nice cars though.

    Stock v Stock the 05 GT and 04 GTO are on the same footing.

  12. I think DocGTO would beg to differ with you on this statement..

    Stock v Stock the 05 GT and 04 GTO are on the same footing

    Dont back down because of alittle pressure.. If you feel you can spank 05GT's, let it be known.. Dont crumble under pressure.. You have 400HP to back it up.. LOL!! Com'on man! Get back in there and fight like a man... :D

    Although you do have to consider that most 05 GT's here in the US are running 13'4's in the quarter mile stock, so the GTO-13.7 time may have confused some people here..

    But thats not the point, the point is, dont back down.. :nice:
  13. I watched American Muscle night before last and I have to admit that the new GTO can run a spank match on the GT no problem. :D It may not be the best looking car IMO, but it is still a GTO with a LS1 - Holden Style and pumping 400HP. :nice:

    Thanks for serving our Country, Sir and now go Kick some GT hiney and feel NO regreats! :flag:

  14. Okay, lots of misinformation in this thread.

    The GTO in that video is an 04.

    Here are the numbers.

    04 GTO - 350HP
    05 GTO - 400HP

    04 GTO 1/4th - 13.8-14.0 (average)
    05 GTO 1/4th - 13.4-13.2 (average)

    Side note most of the 05 GTO track numbers have been run in the heat, expect more 12.9's as the weather cools down.
  15. Oh ok! Thanks for clearing that up... So the 04 GTO has to be slower than the 05 GT because it has 50 less horses and is still as heavy as the 05 GTO with 50 more horses.. So you do conceede that the 04 has to be slower than the 05 based on facts alone? This means with both cars having excellent drivers.. No driver error..
  16. Okay well...since I said the NEW GTO = 05 had 400hp. That was not misinformation. It was out of context.

    I meant run a 05 GTO against an 05 GT and the GTO would spank monkey. Numbers are numbers.... You proved your point. We concurred. Next topic.

    Oh and it still doesn't reduce my appreciation for your service.


  17. I wasn't attacking anyone your comment was just a little vague....

    And to the guy above you....WTF? I can't understand what you are talking about.

    Lets make this simple, perhaps I have to write it out better...

    2005 Ford Mustang GT 1/4th - 14.1-13.9 (average from my experience)
    2004 Pontiac GTO 1/4th - 13.8-14.0 (average from my experience)
    2005 Pontiac GTO 1/4th - 13.2-13.4 (average from my experience)
  18. Fast GTO...

    Better said above. As for MSP.. errrrr....can't speak on his behalf. LOL

    Do you have any pics of your GTO... BTW - My favorite is the 69 Judge.


  19. :cheers: