04 GTO v 04 GT

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  1. Meh it's all good as long it's domestic muscle IMHO.

    i was cranky the night a started this stupidness.
  2. Meh...We all get cranky, Bud..I have a few posts buried in the archives where I display my stupidness. It happens.... :D

  3. The thing you have to take into consideration is the track I run on.

    The 05 Mustangs have been running 14's on it while the 04 GTO's have been doing 14's as well. My best is a 13.6, yes I am modded.

    You would probably knock off about .2-.3 because of how bad the track is (to get the normal times expected on a well prepped track).
  4. yep an Australian Holden :D
  5. Yeh, unprepped and that track actually has a slight incline after the 1/8th. In general, most cars would be 2-3/10s faster over here at the same elevation.
  6. Well, let's talk reality. I go to Scribner and everything seems to run slower. The 05 GTs run 14.5 along with the SRT4s and WRXs. 2004 GTOs run 13.7 to 13.9 on the same track. Sorry. I did see an impressive 03/4 Mach 1 that ran a little better. Of course, it could be the drivers.
  7. I've driven an 05 many times, it absolutely rocks wankers.
  8. I'm guessing the 05 was a stick. Looked like the shifting was sloppy.

    That aside, I don't think we should be comparing the GTO to the Mustang. The Mustang is a cheap, straight-line car. The GTO belongs in the same bracket as the BMW M's and MB AMG's...

    :rlaugh: ok, ok, I can't keep a straight face! Just repeating some of the comedy I saw over on a GTO forum:rlaugh:

  9. Hehehehe, aren't you the funny one!
  10. I'm more interested in the current GTO, honestly, since it received such an upgrade. As a drag car, the stock 2005 GTO is clearly in a higher class than a stock 2005 Mustang GT. I have no problem with that! The GTO costs $5-6K more and gives you an extra 1.4 liters, 100HP, and 80lb-ft to take to the track. This more than compensates for its added weight, as demonstrated by its 0-60, quarter mile, and 0-100 times. I don't even see a resaonable debate here.

    As to which car offers the best bang-for-the-buck, well, that's harder to define. If you judge by raw power to weight (and the faster acceleration with it), the GTO offers 33% more HP for approximately 20% more cash. That looks like a win to me.

    But MOST car buyers put a lot more factors into bang-for-the-buck along with power and straight-line acceleration. Forget max 70-0 braking and cornering G's, those aren't high on most people's lists. They focus more on subjective factors such as styling, image, exclusivity, perceived quality, ride comfort, and real-world road handling feel. There's also that very important objective factor: final, out-the-door price. Insurance and gas costs, too, to a lesser extent. Assuming both Ford and GM are trying as hard as they can to sell these cars, and that these cars are targeted at the same demographic, the only way to measure the overall winner is in sales volume. Here, the Mustang GT wins.

    Bottom line: Which car offers better bang-for-the-buck, the stock GTO or the stock Mustang GT? That depends entirely on the buyer's definition of bang-for-the-buck. I test drove both more than once and chose the Mustang GT. But I believe that they're both great cars and I'm happy that in 2005, they both still exist for people to debate about! :hail2:

  11. CheckOutMyStock06GTQuarterMileTimes.......
  12. ItsAlsoAnAUTOMATIC......
  13. Well, the title of this thread was 04 GTO vs GT so I had to answer. BTW the 04 GTO is only 50 HP less stock...however, a set of headers and cam will launch it smartly past any 05 on the dyno. Just FYI.:jaw:
  14. Actually the thread title is about 04 GTO v 04 GT, but the vid shows a shift-missing 05 GT.

    I must say, though, the 05 GTO is a MUCH nicer looking car, with a nice bump in power. The only way a GT could beat one of those bad boys would be to pave the track with "Dealer paving" - for some reason, the goat seems to have trouble moving on that stuff.:rlaugh:
  15. Hey there man I used to run at the track near Barber's Point. I recently moved back to Texas. I am assuming that is where you ran your 1/4.

    I think that a good driver that knows the power bands of an 05-06 GT and proper shift RPM's, (you don't just gun it to 6000 rpm's in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., would easily break into low 13's with a manual or automatic trans. I dare say (without NOS, SC, etc,) simple upgrades like that of a CAI and tune, exhaust, 3.73 gears, and 93 octane and a good driver it is possible to get into a high 12.9 sec 1/4 mile, I have heard it done.

    The video of the GTO and the GT that started this thread with the horribly driven stock GT and the "I have a few mods" GTO is BS, IMO.
    Sure,the GTO is faster yada yada yada...but mine is a 4.6L 300 HP FORD MUSTANG stock. I don't beleive a 350-400 HP GTO is going to be me!(jOKE)No comparison IMO. I still love the stang a whole lot better, I wouldn't trade my 06 stock stang for a Souped up GTO (unless it would resell with enough money to get me a Shelby GT500:D
  16. So, in general, the '04 GTO and '05+ GT are about the same through the 1/4--give or take a tenth for either car? The GTO has 50 more hp, but it's about 200lbs heavier with IRS....
  17. hell if the GTO cost more then compare the Mustang COBRA to it, who the hell wants to drive a POS GM product anyways. I still say bang per buck a mustang has won out since the early days....."new early days" if you will....since the 1982 GT was introduced.
    the bottem line is no matter what they do nor how much power a GTO produces its still a GM product.

    dont get me totally wrong, I'm sure GM has build some nice cars, and probably some powerful ones, but ..........the aftermarket sway isn't going chevys way anymore........and with the slowmaro and firechickens GONE (and hopefully for good) they possibily never will sway chevys way again. I mean come on HOW many companys make cylinder heads for a ford 302 or 351w these days??? now think of this how many companys make Several different sets of cylinder heads for Fords???
    the combinations are nearly ENDLESS...when it comes to aftermarket cylinder heads with different buildups on the 302's..........some people use to say the good ole days were gone for good....well they seem to be for chevy anyway........but for us bleed FORD blue ford types, the good old days are NOW...............Thank God for the good ole days!
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  19. o4 GTO vs 05 GT

    I have a black 04 GTO 6M and a screaming yellow 05 GT 5M. My 04 GTO is quicker, IMO. However the GT is my favorite, but the GTO is more fun sliding around corners.