04 GTO v 04 GT

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  1. Thats pretty funny! But I have a :OT: question...

    I post on here and on several other sites. For some strange odd reason, I have problems with spacing when I post on Stangnet. Seriously, when I type something, I proofreed over it and notice all kinds of words where the space bar did not work. You are admin, have others complained of this?

  2. You are the first I have heard of.
  3. Dude! There are tone of aftermarket parts for the LS1 or Chev gen IIIs! Also, I am sure you can still find parts for the good 'ol chev 350. Bang for the buck for sporty cars/performance/price has to be an SRT4.

  4. Thespacebaronmykeyboardisbrokenonthecomputeratwork. But my home computer, thats a different story. I just couldnt wait to reply because Im running mid 13's stock with my 06 on an automatic, I dont want the GTO to think the new mustangs cant hang. All the new GTO's here run low 14's, and I seen one do mid 13's. Im pretty sure its up to the driver, because supposedly they can do low 13's. When I finally get the balls to modify my brand new mustang, Im pretty sure it will break 12's with just simple bolt ons.
  5. Maybe it was the drivers. My first races were 14s when I started. I would like to get side by side on the track with the GT...I could never get lined up. Their times weren't as good as the GTO. I was surprised at the SRT4s, they were a little slower also. I did see an 04 Mach 1 that did very well, he said he only had a cai.
  6. bang for the buck!.........20 years ago, chevy was king! Now they are has beens.......facts! LS1's do run decent, but I wouldnt pour dirty mudhole water on one if it were on fire!:D

  7. I wouldn't exactly say chevys are "has-beens". When I go to the track I see plenty of Nova, Chevelle, Camaros, GTOs and other GM cars that I would gladly trade a 91 GT in for.
  8. My car runs low 14s all day long!!!:nice:

    Also, this thread came to life again I see . . .

  9. I am sure it does, Doc!:D
  10. lol

    Then you raced 1 a idiot who cant drive or 2 a automatic car with a trunk full of luggage ..

    a total amature should be able to pull 13.70 out of a gt

  11. Im sure it does!!:hail2: But, I said most GTO's I have seen run HERE are low 14's, while they are supposed to run low 13's from the factory. Your trapping 119 mph, so Im pretty sure you're more then qualified to be past the 13 second club.

  12. Actually, Barbers Point was shut down many ages ago, it was about 5-6 years ago when I was a young "jarhead". I never knew there was a track there, the only one I run and know is Hawaii Raceway Park. That is also going be shut down here in April or May the last time I heard. Hope they dont, theres really no other track to run at....
    Also, I ran my 13.6 with it just in D with the OD and T/C off, just focused on a good launch and reaction time and gunned it down the track.

  13. My car is an 04A4 and I used to be one of those 14 sec wonders until I learned what burn-outs were. First run with a burnout was 13.7. Now Doc had serious mods so you know he's quick. Net time I hit the track I am getting a set of better tires. My damn snow tires (Dunlop M3s) hook up better than my KDWSs.

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  14. The '04 GTO was capable of high 13's stock, but most hit 14.0-14.1

    In '05, the GTO went deep 13's, some around here hitting high 12's, stock. The '05's performed about the same as the old LS1 Trans Am's after 1998.
  15. Yep, I'm past the 12 sec club. I'm knocking on 11s door baby!

  16. Jealous bastard! :D

  17. I am feeling low 13s with my new snow tires (got better traction than my KDWSs...stock tires took off like I was on ice)...haven't tried it since the track closed down for winter.
  18. Actually, it aint a bad pic:D

    Saw a classic GTO-sale-going-down-the-toilet moment this w/e -

    drove down to Mission Viejo to pick someone up for our bus trip into LA, from the local bar to Staples Center for Lakers v Clippers. Get to a light down there, right by a GM dealership, and an 05 GTO rips out of the parking, making a right turn on a red, but only made it because he floored it. We're the first car in lane 2, who do you think is RIGHT behind us? Yup, Johnny Law! Hits the lights and sirens, pulls past us and hauls the guy over.:(

    Kudos to the salesman if he saved THAT sale!

  19. I am not sure why this thread keeps coming up...maybe new 05GT owners are researching their capabilities. LOL :lol: