04 GTO v 04 GT

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  1. GTO vs GT

    OK, the GTO is faster. Now lets compare sales numbers. Too bad the GTO is/was so ugly, and so expensive few people bought it. The mighty GTO has gone to the same place the other Mustang competitors have gone! GTO-RIP!
  2. Thanks for your service, you are a great American. You (and Doc)can still put the GTOs where the sun dont shine. I can find a GTO forum if I wanted one.
    Have a great day.

  3. Cool story. Yeah, they may not have sold as well as expected, but I do like mine. They (GTO) will be back in 08/09 to continue to chase the ponies around. :) I am interested in the Challenger when it comes out also. Either way, I'm saving my pennies now. Until then, I still need a head/cam package.
    Actually, I haven't visited Stangnet in a while and thought I would see what was up and came accross this old thread.

  4. Wow, are you a little sore about this thread??? I could fix that for you! Nothing wrong with a little comparision now and then. Also, that last two times this thread came back to life, it was the 05GT guys. Each time that happens my "BAT" signal goes up and alerts me of GTO Vs. GT resurrection :rlaugh: .
  5. They sold what they were suppose to ~15K/year. That's all Aussi land could build. They though that they could make 18K but didn't happen. Also, the new GTO will be out in 2008. They are skipping 2007. It's ALIVE . . . .:flag:
  6. Now Doc you know I have replied to several threads along these lines in much the same manner. I harbor no ill will towards you or the guy who started this thread. I know you are the forum mod, a car guy,and have a pretty mean GTO (read abgout it here on the 05 Mustang forum) and I'm sure should we ever meet I'm sure we would get along great. I like a lot of different cars, muscle cars in general, Fords in particular. However, everyone knows the GTO has a bigger motor, more horsepower etc.
    I mainly browse another forum, but it has grown so much it is having trouble accomadating the traffic load. SO I slum here once in awhile. :rolleyes:
    I realize this is an old post revived, but I dont want to read about GTOs or whatever brand x in the o5 board. Maybe we need a GENERAL car talk forum? Or a Comparison forum.
  7. Well, I come to this forum sometime to research parts and to check out the competition. This time I was researching tires. I think this forum, as well as a couple of other forums, have happy car enthusiasts for the most part. Lighten up...don't read the thread "with 04 GTO" in it if you don't like to read about GTOs (you do have that choice). :p